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Custom '13 Humbucker Set

Custom Designed Clear, Defined Bridge/Neck Pickups with Dirt & Grit

Direct drop-in replacements for standard Humbuckers - Fatter, crunchier, edgier replacement Humbucker. Custom Designed with Bernard Sumner of Joy Division / New Order

Creamery Custom '13 Dirty Northern - Humbucker Pickup Set

Three types of custom magnets for crunchy, crisp, clear & defined lower strings - sweeter, creamier, milkier higher strings for a richer sound. Custom designed with Bernard Sumner of Joy Division / New Order.

We worked on the design of this pickup together when he wanted something edgier from the Gibson LP Jnr Double Cutaway he picked up. He has a number of vintage guitars (and old Vox amps) but wanted something different for the new live dates and recording. We spent time playing his old original Gibson ES 330 that just sounded perfect, just a really sweet yet gritty sound that really snarled when pushed. It has Dogear P90s but they just had something more than the standard P90 sound but the two issues he had where, it had just been too precious to take out on tour for a number of years and with it having single coil P90s, it hummed, both live and in the studio with all the synths & equipment. In comparison, his Gibson SG and the early 90s LP Jnr he picked up just sounded a little sterile in comparison.

You can read more about the Custom '13 pickups here

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