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Custom, Vintage & Modern Jazzmaster Pickups

Creamery Handwound Custom, Vintage & Modern Replacement Jazzmaster Pickups

Creamery Custom Handwound Vintage and Modern Jazzmaster Replacement Pickups

Vintage Jazzmaster pickups are unique - Their sound synonymous with such diverse scenes as the 50s/60s Surf sounds, late '70 post-punk, New Wave & alternative scenes, through shoegaze and effects laden styles of the '80s/90's onwards to modern day alternative bands - Some scenes, bands and guitarists seem to click with the offset Jazzmaster style.

They're also one of my favourite pickups - The original Jazzmaster pickup, unlike many of the modern Fender or Squier reissues, had short & wide (pancake) coil roughly 1/8" high. Its this unique design that helps to give the pickup that classic darker, warmer yet still very much a single coil voice.

It has that fat, clear 'spank' to the sound unlike any other single coil.

The larger surface area of coil 'senses' more of the string, resulting in that fatter, fuller sound. The individual pole piece magnets help keep clarity & string definition and when combined with the shape of coil, gives that unique Jazzmaster sound. From classic '50s surf to modern day effects driven styles, they're versatile guitars to suit a variety of sounds & styles.

If you're looking for something to the left of classic rock & blues, welcome to my custom, handwound, replacement Jazzmaster Pickups.

All my replacement Jazzmaster pickups are handwound here at my workshop in Manchester. I don;t have them all boxed up ready to send out, each one is custom made to order.

PLEASE NOTE: All my standard 6-Pole Replacement Jazzmaster Pickups are vintage correct to US standard 51mm Pole spacing but I can create a custom set with alternative pole spacing if you need - Just get in touch and let me know. If you have a Squier or CIJ Jazzmaster your covers may have a slightly wider 52mm pole spacing - But I do have replacement covers to fit.