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Custom, Vintage & Modern Stratocaster Pickups

Creamery Handwound Custom, Vintage & Modern Replacement Stratocaster Pickups

Creamery Custom Handwound Replacement Stratocaster Strat Pickups

With vintage sounding designs based on both the original pre-CBS Fender® staggered pole Stratocaster pickups through the mid-to-late '60s, and later hotter & modern variants, I currently make a number of handwound Replacement Stratocaster single coil pickups to suit different sounds & styles of play.

I also make purely custom designs such as my Strat-90 (Strat sized P90) and my Sonic '60 Pickups.

I don't have pickups all boxed up ready to send out; each order is custom-made so I can tailor a set of handwound replacement Stratocaster (Strat) pickups to suit your own guitar, the sounds you're after or your style of playing.

NOTE: You can order my custom, handwound replacement Strat pickups specifically for Left Handed players. Just select this option at the checkout.

One point to mention - If you have a vintage 7.25" neck/fingerboard radius the old vintage stagger will suit you best whereas if you have a 9.5" radius or more then I've found a flat pole design works better for balance across the strings. I know many players really want the vintage look of a staggered pole set but in reality, the D & G strings can be over-emphasised on a 9.5" plus radius. I do make many custom staggered versions to better suit the individual guitar - Vintage is good, but balance across the strings is better.

Handwound at my workshop here in Manchester.