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Custom '14 'Solo' Split-Coil Replacement P-Bass Pickups

Higher Output - Taller, Stronger Magnets for Solo Bass & Lead-Line playing

Direct drop-in replacements for standard Humbuckers - Fatter, crunchier, edgier replacement Humbucker. Custom Designed with Bernard Sumner of Joy Division / New Order

Custom '14 'Solo' Split-Coil Replacement P-Bass Pickups

Based on the need for a P-Bass pickup design that could cut through the mix, with a powerful, rich sound for solo playing, lead-lines & hooks.

Great clarity & string definition with a sharp, rich attack and tighter bottom-end to really cut through without overpowering the rest of the band. I designed this after a number of band requests, using taller stronger custom made Alnico 5 rod magnets and offset, overwound coils, geometrically different to a standard P-Bass to really cut through the mix.

You can read more about the Custom '14 'Solo' P-Bass pickups here

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