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Black Cat "Spaghetti Western" Pickup Set - No Ears Mount

Creamery Custom Bright, Wiry, Crunchy Gretsch / Cabronita Size Pickups with individual threaded M4 Magnets

Black Cat Spaghetti Western Pickup Set - No Ears Mount

I wanted to design a new type of Filtertron looking pickup, still with the same bright attack but with a lower output for a more wiry, more brittle, more 'steel string' sound and after many, many prototypes they're here - introducing the Black Cat 'Spaghetti Western' pickups for Gretsch & Cabronita style guitars.

I didn't want to just make slight modifications to the classic Filtertron spec, wanting to make something a little different, a little more unique. The idea of having 12 individual, adjustable magnets would allow you the 'dial in' each string, akin to each string having its own EQ, and unlike the classic Filterton design, I wanted much more clarity, much more definition.

You can read more about the Black Cat "Spaghetti Western" custom pickups here

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