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Creamery Replacement Wide Range Humbucker Pickups

Replacement Wide Range Humbuckers now available in two sizes

< p>My Creamery replacement Wide Range Humbuckers are true to the original '70s Seth Lover design with individual threaded magnets and ferrous reflector pates. I make them with custom manufactured thinner nickel silver covers & baseplates to let more of the higher frequencies through.

Replacement Creamery Wide Range Humbuckers

Now available in two sizes, a full-size direct drop-in replacement for original or reissue Fender® Wide Range Humbuckers. These are called my Creamery Classic '71 Wide Range Humbucker.

Creamery Custom Handwound Replacement Wide Range Humbucker Humbucking Pickups

On the left, my Baby '71 & on the right, my Classic '71 Replacement Wide Range Humbuckers

Available in Standard Humbucker Size

I've also made a smaller version, still to the same original design but made to fit a standard humbucker cavity & scratchplate. These are called my Baby '71 Wide Range Humbuckers and are a direct drop-in replacement for any standard humbucker pickup.

5 Star / Best Buy Review

With a 5 Star / Best Buy review in Total Guitar Magazine, and played by bands such as Franz Ferdinand and The Vaccines - they really have been road tested to great approval.

You can find more details of my Creamery Replacement Wide Range Humbucker Pickups here.

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