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Introducing The Pine 'Fencepost' Esquire Guitar

Creamery Custom Handmade Guitars - The Fencepost Esquire

Creamery Custom Handmade Guitars - The Fencepost Esquire

The idea of a single pickup guitar can seem a little old fashioned nowadays but the fact is, a one pickup guitar strips away all the frills and furniture until you're left with nothing but a little room, a bare bulb and single window. Its up to the player, tonewise, to see what sounds thay can coax out of it - and how to use the fingers differently to create a variety of sounds.

'The Fencepost' here is a pretty versatile number. Handmade from an naturally dried 30yr old fencepost with my Creamery Custom Hot Tele  Bridge, wired to my own twist on the original Fender electronics with a .0047uf cap where the resistor should sit - this is essentially the same as the 'Eldred Mod' giving the out-of-phase or cocked-wah sound in the front position. The growl and snap is helped along by the wood, an old sentimental piece of pine fencepost that lay drying out for 30yrs. There's very little moisture left in this wood. It's dry as a bone. The nail holes were left in as a feature. It has a snarl all of its own. Not for sale. Never going to be. This is a sentimental guitar, played every day.

Oiled pine wood, bolt-on maple neck with maple fingerboard and custom tortoiseshell scratchplate, staggered brass saddles with stamped steel bridge - this guitar has a snap, a bark and a bite - 3 pickup configurations from a single coil guitar.

You can find out more about my Custom Handmade Guitars here.

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