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Hot, Higher Output & Alternative Jaguar Pickups

Creamery Custom Hotter, Higher Output & Alternative Jaguar Pickups

Hot, Higher Output & Alternative Design Jaguar Pickups

Custom Balanced & Calibrated Sets Designed for Hotter, Higher Output and more Aggressive Styles of play

I often get emails asking for more hot, powerful replacement pickups for Fender® Jaguar guitars - whether it be for more higher gain playing or pickups that are just more powerful and keep clarity & string definition under heavy effects & pedal use. Its with this in mind I desigend a more alternative range of Jaguar Pickups - a move away from the more traditional, vintage & classic designs.

Hot Jaguar Pickups

Classic Jaguar pickups tend to have a lower outout for that bright, single coil sound - If you're lookign for something hotter, with more power, punch and attack I've desigend the Alt '88 range in both a fatter, fuller 'Mid-Range' design and another, essentially a more powerful version of the classic design, my Alt '88 'Treble'.

Alt'88 Hot Jaguar Pickups

Modern, hot, higher output Jaguar pickups for a stronger, attacking, more aggressive & alternative sound. They are also available in a the new 'Twin Sound' design for coil taps giving you more versatility and a wider rage of sounds from classic to hotter.

Alternative Jaguar Pickups

If you're looking for something different, something a little more alternative in a hotter Jaguar Pickup design - then my Hot Jaguar 'Darkline' Pickup.

Creamery Custom Hotter Darkline Jaguar Pickups

Hot, grittier, dirtier Jaguar sounds. Designed for darker, sleazier, more alternative styles of playing.

You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Hot, Higher Output Jaguar Pickups here.


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