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Creamery Classic '71 Wide Range Humbucker Pickup Covers

Handwound Wide Range Pickups to the original '70s Seth Lover Design

My Classic '71 Wide Range Humbuckers true to the original '70s Seth Lover design are now available in a choice of covers. Tooling and manufacture for custom pickup covers can be a very expensive business so, as with a number of pickup designs, I've taken somewhat of a risk manufacturing these custom Wide Range Humbucker covers.

Wide Range Humbucker Covers

Creamery Custom Handwound Classic 71 Wide Range Humbucker Reproduction Pickups - Nickel Cover

Creamery Classic '71 Wide Range Humbucker - Nickel Covers

Three types of Nickel

The first batch of new Wide Range covers are available in three types of Nickel. The brand, spanking new Nickel versions (see pic above), a custom option aged nickel option where I actually age the covers myself by hand, and a bare nickel which has a subtle yellow hue to them. I had these manufactured to my own spec with a slightly higher copper content to give that aged yellowing look. Have a look at the Wide Range cover pics below and let me know what you think.

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