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Creamery Telecaster Sized P90 Bridge & Neck Pickups

Introducing the Custom Tele-90 Bridge & Neck Pickups

Creamery Custom Handwound Replacement Telecaster Sized P90 Pickups

Creamery Custom Handwound Replacement Tele Telecaster Sized Tele-90 P90 Pickups

A P90 design to fit a Tele Bridge Pickup

Fat, grittier tones from your Tele Bridge & Neck position whilst still keeping some of that classic Tele twang

Magnet: Custom Alnico 5

Poles: Slotted Steel Filister Head P90 Screw

Polarity: South Up bridge / North Up Neck

Coil Wire: 43AWG Plain Enamel

Lead Wire: Vintage Cloth Pushback

Bridge Output: 12.0k

Neck Output: 8.6k

Bridge Baseplate: Copper Plated Steel

Balanced/Calibrated Telecaster Sized P90 Bridge & Neck Pickup Set

A P90 design in a standard Telecaster Bridge & Neck sized set. The Creamery Telecaster sized P90 pickups house two custom sized unpolished Alnico 5 magnets, steel screws and fat Handwound 43AWG coils. Fat single-coil tones still with clarity, presence & a defined voice. Get the grit of a P90 in a standard Telecaster Bridge & Neck size. Great fat, rounded clean sounds.

The geometry of the standard Tele Bridge & Neck Pickup size as opposed to a standard P90 means there will always be a slight difference in tone between the two pickups as the coils will be slightly narower - Its for this reason I don't call these "true" P90s although I've voiced these pickups to have more of that grittier P90 edge. A higher output, fat single-coil tone in a standard Tele Bridge & Neck sized pickup set.

Creamery Custom Handwound Replacement Tele Telecaster Sized Tele-90 P90 Bridge Pickup

Tele-90 Bridge & Neck available in Alnico 5 and Double-Thickness Alnico 5 Options

I've had two designs of magnet custom made for these pickups, a standard option Alnico 5 (described above) and a double-thickness Alnico 5 for a stronger, more attacking, slightly brighter but a little less resonant tone - for a more modern take on my Tele-90 bridge.

Please Note: The Tele-90 bridge is about 2-3mm taller with the standard Alnico 5 Magnets and about 7mm taller than a standard Tele Bridge pickup with the Double-Thickness Alnico 5 magnets and whilst it will fit many cavities, if you have a shallow bridge cavity, please check. The total height of the pickup with pole screws is 19mm or 24mm whereas a standard Tele bridge is around 17-18mm. You'll need a minimum cavity space of at least about 13mm to 17mm to fit the pickup.

The Tele-90 neck with either magnet options will fit into a standard Tele neck cavity as a direct drop-in replacement.

Creamery Custom Handwound Replacement Tele Telecaster Sized Tele-90 P90 Neck Pickup

You can select the Tele-90 Neck to be RW/RP for hum-cancelling in the middle position. Due to the design, the pickup has no cover and as its a fat coil, I use black tape wrapped around the coil to protect it.


You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Telecaster Pickups here.

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