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Timescale is still up at around 35-40 days as each pickup is custom made and I simply work through orders one-by-one.


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'Super' Black Cat Filtertron style Pickup Set - Gibson/PAF Humbucker Size


'Super' Black Cat Filtertron® Design Pickups

Creamery Custom Replacement Filtertron® style Pickup Set - Bridge & Neck in standard Gibson/PAF Humbucker Size

Black Cat Cover(s)
  • 'Super' Black Cat 'No Ears' Mount Filtertron® Design Pickup

    Creamery Custom True-Spec Replacement Filtertron® style Pickup - Bridge & Neck in standard Gibson/PAF Humbucker Size

    Magnets Double Thickness (1/4") Alnico 5
    Coil Wire 42AWG
    Lead Wire Simple 3-Way
    Bridge Output 6.3k
    Neck Output 5.4k

    Creamery Classic Filtertron® Style Pickups

    After looking at modern variants of the old Filtertron® style pickups, and wanting to replicate the original twang & growl of the original '50s versions, I came up with these - introducing the Black Cat Filtertron® design pickups - Back to the original specifications for that brighter, attacking rock, rockabilly & blues sounds.

    A reduced number of offset winds on each coil provide the extra richness. The much thicker Alnico 5 magnet helps keep the attack but being stronger due to their 1/4" height, the magnet boosts the output of the lower windings on each coil to give great volume & brightness. A real spank & twang to these Creamery Classic Black Cat Filtertron® stye pickups.

    'Super' Black Cat Dual Blade Versions

    The 'Super' Black Cat is similar to my Classic Black Cat with the exception of dual plated steel blades taller than the usual pole screws. This helps to give a more even string balance, especially with string bending, and a slightly fuller, slightly warmer sound. Aesheticaly it looks a completely different design.

    The Black Cat bridge is full yet jangly, attacking, powerful & bright, designed to break up the amp at gain for great bite, great growl to the sound. Don't let the lowe routout readingin fool you, these are no tame pickups.

    The Black Cat Neck pickup has a warmer, sweeter voice due to its position but still with the attack & brightness you'd expect from the classic Filtertron® design. It keeps great clarity & definition in the naturally darker neck position.

    'Super' Black Cat Filtertron® Style Pickup - standard Gibson/PAF Humbucker Size - Direct Drop-In Replacement

    These are a direct drop-in replacement for standard humbuckers and are available in regular 2-hole/screw mount or th emodern Fender 3-hole/screw mount.

    Currently available with covers soldered on as part of the design.


    You can find more details of my Creamery Custom, Handwound Black Cat Filtertron Design Pickups here.