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Timescale is still up at around 35-40 days as each pickup is custom made and I simply work through orders one-by-one.


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Skinny 'Scooped Mids' Jaguar Pickup


'Scooped' Mids Skinny Jag Pickup

Brighter, Scooped Mid-Range Replacement Jaguar Pickup

Cover Colours
Steel Claw
  • 'Scooped' Mids Skinny Jaguar Pickups

    Brighter, Scooped Mid-Range Replacement Jag Pickups

    Magnets Stronger/Taller Custom Alnico 5
    Coil Wire Thicker 41AWG
    Lead Wire Vintage Cloth
    Bridge Output 5.3k
    Neck Output 4.8k

    Custom Designed 'Scooped Mid-Range' Jaguar Pickups

    A custom designed replacement Jaguar pickup with the classic bright, hollow sounds - tight, snappy with clean highs, a tight bass response and with the added, custom feature of more of the classic Scooped, Hollow & Woody Mid-Range.

    There are a couple of different ways to achieve the unique 'Scooped Mids' sound from custom magnet design to specific winding patterns and I've tried and tested a number of different designs & prototypes to create a unique Scooped sound I was happy with, finally settling on this custom design of thicker 41AWG plain Enamel wire with a custom scatterwound pattern around a custom set of taller/stronger Alnico 5 magnets.

    The thicker coil wire gives a seemingly low output but don't let that fool you into thinking these pickups don't work as hard as the more classic Jag pickups. Although seemingly much lower in output, they're on a par with my vintage spec Jag p/ups in terms of brightness and output, they just have that added distinction of more glassy, clean, hollow scooped mids sound.

    Custom Handwound Skinny 'Scooped-Mids' Jaguar Pickups

    For me, the sightly thicker 41AWG coil wire helps to emphasise the naturally 'scooped' sound of those late '60s, lower output Jag Pickups whilst keeping the perceived 'volume' or 'loudness' at similar levels. The winding pattern and magnets I use help to stress this even more. I know there a few other people making similar scooped Strat pickups using different designs but for me, and ultimately it is a personal thing, I settled on this final design after much testing and prototyping

    My own take on the Big Dipper 'Scooped Mids' Strat Pickups but for a Jaguar

    Essentially the Fender® Big Dipper Custom Pickups are strong Alnico 5 Lower Output pickups which give you that great hollow sound, I've just tweaked the specifications to emphasise this woody, hollow 'scooped' sound by a different design for a little more unique voicing.

    Vintage style cloth covered lead wire, a great pickup to play clean, funk or more alternative cutting styles - the sound can be rounded out a little by rollign back on the tone pot. 

    NOTE: Due to the nature of Jag Bridge pickups in general, The Skinny 'Scooped Mids' Jaguar Bridge is a very dry, cutting, bright pickup and I personally like to use one of my Classic '62 or '64 instead in this naturally bright bridge position but I do know many do like the more brittle, bright scooped sound here - Its a personal thing really, just thought I'd mention my own preference. If you'd like this bridge option instead, just leave me a note at the checkout stage (or email me) and I'll know to make it a custom order for you.

    The Neck Pickup can be RW/RP for hum cancelling in the middle position.



    You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Jaguar Pickups here.