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Creamery Red '79 Jaguar Pickup
Creamery Red '79 Jaguar Pickup
Creamery Red '79 Jaguar Pickup
Creamery Red '79 Jaguar Pickup

Red '79 Jaguar Pickup


Red '79 Jag

Bright, Attacking Late '70s Inspired Jag Pickup - Custom Designed, Bright, Lower Output, Brittle but without that 'Ice-Pick' sound

Cover Colours
Steel Claw


Bright, Attacking Late '70s Inspired Strat Pickups

Custom Designed, Bright, Brittle & Attacking without that 'Ice-Pick' sound

Magnets Alnico 5
Coil Wire 42AWG
Lead Wire Vintage Cloth with separate ground wire for claw
Bridge Output 5.8k
Neck Output 5.3k

A brighter, attacking late '70s Post-Punk / New Wave inspired Pickup

Inspired by the New Wave/Post Punk era of the late '70s & early '80s, the Red '79 Jaguar Pickup has that brittle, bright attack associated with much of the music of that era - Think Gang of Four, Early Talking Heads etc. The lower in output, 42AWG coil wrapped around Custom Alnico 5 magnets gives you that cutting voice that sounds great with effects (a little phase, a little chorus ;-). As with the Telecaster & Strat Red '79s, I settled on the final designs (after many versions) to create a pickup that has that bright, brittle, fractured sound without the ice-pick shrillness of thin, lower wound pickups. To achieve this the coil is wound slightly shorter with a looser scatterwound pattern to achieve the balance I was looking for.

Its a lower output pickup really designed for that dry, chopped, attacking rhythm playing but works equally well with pedals & effects to really cut through the band mix.

NOTE: If Red really isn't your thing you can always order it in White or Black vintage String or standard Jaguar covers as well ;-)



You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Jaguar Pickups here.