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Custom PAF/Humbucker sized Firebird Design Pickup

True Firebird® Pickup design in a larger PAF/Humbucker Size

I do get a few request for these and often make them as a purely custom pickup.

Creamery Custom PAF/Humbucker sized Firebird Design Pickup

Keeps the classic closed cover Firebird® look

A different design to the Mini Humbucker, namely two coils wrapped around individual bar magnets to give a RW/RP, Reverse Wound / Reverse Polarity Humbucker Pickup. Rich and clear with great harmonics and a fatter, 'doubled-up' single-coil sound. More crunch, spank and a tighter bass response than my Classic Mini Humbucker.

Brighter, tighter with more clarity than a humbucker yet fatter than a single-coil, they're great for the neck position or snarly when cranked in a balanced, calibrated set.

Get in touch if you'd like a custom pickup or set.

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