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Replacement Pickups for Fender® Pawn Shop '72 Mustang

Creamery Custom Replacement Pickups for Fender Pawn Shop 72 Mustang - Bridge Neck Set


Replacement for the Fender® Enforcer Humbucker & Reissue Wide Range Neck

Custom Options to suit your Playing Style

I've been making a godo number of custom replacement pickups for the modern Fender® Pawn Shop Range - These are for '72 Mustang version.

The Fender® Enforcer Humbucker requires the modern 3-Hole Screw Mount so I've had custom baseplates manufactured so my replacement Pawn Shop Pickup are a direct drop-in replacement.

The set featured here is a higher output humbucker, a version of my 'Double-Six' with Alnico 5 & Alnico 8 magnets, and one of my Classic '71 Wide Raneg Humbuckers - A direct drop-in replacement set for the modern Fender® Pawn Shop '72 Mustang pickups

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