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  • Creamery Replacement Dark Line Pickup  Set - PAF/Humbucker Size
  • Creamery Replacement Dark Line Pickup  Set - PAF/Humbucker Size

Dark Line Pickup Set - Humbucker Size


Dark Line Pickup Set - Gibson / PAF / Humbucker Size

Fatter, fuller, grittier, tighter, dirtier sounds. Designed for darker, sleazier, more alternative playing.

Bridge Magnets
Neck Magnets
Cover Colours


Dirtier, Grittier, Alternative Sounds

Initially designed for Jaguars guitars, they're now available in a standard Gibson / PAF / Humbucker size too - Designed for players who wanted something darker, grittier, something more savage & physical from their guitars, but keeping a tight, razor focus to really cut through the band mix - Not a traditional rock, metal, indie or blues sound, something much more aggressive & visceral. Essentially the idea was to design a raw, more primal sounding pickup for pure alternative sounds and styles of playing. Much tighter, much more focussed - these were designed specifically to play loud.

A single plated steel blade sits at the heart of the design inside a much more tightly scatterwound coil of thinner 43awg coil wire, and I experimented with a variety of magnet grades and sizes in the initial Jaguar & Strat versions until finally working on a duo of custom square bar Alnico 5s. With a humbucker size however, the internal geometry allows me to really push the overall sound more with some new custom made Alnico 5 or Alnico 8 magnets.

Available in a custom chrome slit groove design cover, the new Dark Line pickups are direct drop-in replacements - I spent a long time getting the design of these just right, putting them aside, coming back to them - a real labour of love.


Creamery Dark Line Pickups PAF size - Specifications

Magnet Custom Alnico 5 or Alnico 8 Duo
Coil Wire 43AWG
Lead Wire Vintage Braided
Bridge Output 11.4k
Middle Output 10.1k
Neck Output 9.7k


You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Humbucker Pickups here.