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  • Creamery Replacement Sonic '60 pickup for Rickenbacker®
  • Creamery Replacement Sonic '60 pickup set for Rickenbacker®

Creamery Replacement Sonic '60 Pickup for Rickenbacker® Set


Creamery Sonic '60 Pickup for Rickenbacker® Set

Based on the design of the old Burns Tri-Sonic® Pickups, my Sonic '60s have been created to fit a standard Rickenbacker® with no modifications needed. With custom cover options for a unique look, my Creamery Sonic '60 pickups have been designed for a richer, sweeter, smoother HiFi take on the classic Rickenbacker® sound.

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Bridge Magnets
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Replacement Ric® Rickenbacker® Style Pickups - Sonic '60 Set

Magnets Alnico 2 or 5
Coil Wire 42AWG or 43AWG
Lead Wire 2 Way with Separate Ground for Cover & Baseplate
Bridge Output 7.2k or 11.2k
Bridge Output 6.9k or 9.9k
Neck Output 6.4k or 9.7k

Creamery Custom Ric® Replacement Sonic '60 Pickups

Richer, Sweeter, Smoother Ric® Single Coil Sounds

With handwound coils pressed around the custom magnets and wax potted in a combination of paraffin & beeswax, my new Sonic '60 Jaguar replacement pickups give that richer, musical sound synonimous with the old classic Burns Tri-Sonic® design.

Geometry dictates they won't sound identical to the old 60s classics as the pickups are slimmer and I use my custom made thinner magnets inside the pressed coil, but they're designed & tested to be richer, sweeter, smoother and more rounded than traditional Ric® pickups.

With a choice of magnets, you can choose to have a warmer or brighter version. Alnico 2 'holds' the strings a little less, allowing them to vibrate a little more freely giving a perceived slightly warmer, more resonant sound.

Alnico 5 offers a slightly brighter, more attacking characteristic than Alnico 2 but a little more rounded than the ceramic option.


'Mid-Range' Version

I designed these after feedback from players who loved the brighter standard Sonic '60s I made for them but wanted a fatter, hotter, more mid-range version in their 2nd guitar to compliment - Not everyone has two guitars so if you're looking for more mid-range to your sound, and want something a little different, an alternative to brighter single coils, then maybe the Sonic '60 'Mid-Range' pickups could be for you.

Whereas the 'Treble' Sonic '60s are wound with thicker 42awg coil wire and are available in a variety of Alnico magnet choices, I spent a long time on the new 'Mid-Range' 43awg versions and concluded, after much testing, that the stronger Alnico 5 worked best. You can choose either based on your own preference, Alnico 5 being the strongest with a little more output and more cooler focus whereas the weaker Alnico 2 is that little bit warmer, sweeter but with less attack.

You can find more details of my Creamery Custom, Handwound Replacement Ric® Rickenbacker® and Toaster® Style Pickups here.