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Autumn/Winter '23'


Usually the timescale is still up at around 35-40 days as each pickup is custom made and I simply work through orders one-by-one - I am trying to get that timescale back down.'


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Creamery Replacement Rickenbacker® Style High '68 Pickup


Creamery Custom Ric® Style Replacement High '68 Pickup

The Fatter, Higher Output, Late '60s Ric® Style Single Coil Sound - Available in either the Toaster® look with either Hidden Individual Rod Magnets or the Traditional Ceramic Bar Magnet, Open Frame Design with Ceramic Bar Magnet & Textured Vinyl Face Plate

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  • Replacement Ric® Rickenbacker® Style Pickups - High '68

    The Fatter, Higher Output, Late '60s Ric® Style Single Coil Sound but in either Toaster® style or Open Face Design

    Magnets Tall 1/4" Diameter Individual Alnico 5 Rods or Ceramic Bar
    Coil Wire 44AWG
    Lead Wire 2 Way with Separate Ground for Cover & Baseplate
    Bridge Output 12.4k
    Neck Output 10.6k

    Creamery Custom Ric® Style Replacement High '68 Pickup

    The Fatter, Higher Output, Late '60s Ric® Style Single Coil Sound

    I wanted to make a version of the famous Rickenbacker® Hi-Gain Pickups but with more clarity & definition. The original & Modern reissue Hi-Gain pickup designs utilise a strong Ceramic bar magnet underneath and ferrous pole screws through the overwound coil and as well as making a great sounding modern reproduction, I also wanted to make a replacement that was more true to the original individual Alnico rod magnet design. With the much thinner 44AWG coil wire comes more mid-range, especially in such an overwound coil and after many, many prototypes, I signed off these final designs & specifications.

    Available in either Toaster® style covers with Alnico Rods or traditional open style with Ceramic Bar

    I've had both sets of covers custom manufactured, the classic Toaster® style which is my personal favourite and the open face style cover or you can select a version truer to the original Hi-Gain pickup Specifications with Hex/Allen Bolts & Ceramic Bar Magnet in a chrome open-frame cover The Alnico Rod version is a little crunchier, a little brighter, a little punchier whereas the Ceramic Bar version a little dirtier, a little grittier.

    Fatter, warmer that pushes the amp more, I've designed my own version of the famous Hi-Gain pickups again with a custom neck specification & pickup output for good volume balance through the positions.


    You can find more details of my Creamery Custom, Handwound Replacement Ric® Rickenbacker® and Toaster® Style Pickups here.