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Timescale is still up at around 35-40 days as each pickup is custom made and I simply work through orders one-by-one.


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Creamery Replacement Jaguar Bass VI Pickup Set - Solo


Creamery Jaguar Bass VI Pickup Set - Solo

Creamery Custom Replacement Jaguar Bass VI Pickup Set - Designed for more Lead & Solo Playing

Cover Colours
Steel Claw
  • Creamery Replacement Jaguar Bass VI Pickup Set - Solo

    Creamery Custom Replacement Jaguar Bass VI Pickup Set - Made to Order

    Magnets Alnico 5 & Custom Options
    Coil Wire 42AWG
    Lead Wire Vintage Cloth
    Bridge Output 8.4k
    Middle Output 7.8k
    Neck Output 7.5k

    Bridge, Middle & Neck Jaguar Bass VI Pickup Set

    Designed specifically for the needs of the Jag Bass VI solo & lead line player - both in the Mid-Range and Higher Frequencies

    I designed these after requests for Jag Bass VI pickups who play solos & lead lines, wanting a fatter, fuller sound whilst keeping it from straying too far into the Mid-Range - but held off pushing them live until they went through solid testing - a higher output than standard, calibrated & balanced pickup set that gave great attack whilst still keeping clarity, definition and without losing the characteristics needed for bass playing, especially for those who play lead lines on the higher strings.

    Tight Bass, Defined Lead - More Punch, More Attack

    I tried a number of different methods before signing off the final designs, using my own Bass VI as a test guitar, finally deciding on using custom made taller & stronger Alnico 5 magnets with different geometry to the coil than a standard Jaguar pickup to balance great low-end with clear, defined lead line sounds for the higher strings

    The replacement Jaguar Bass VI pickups are scatterwound here in my workshop before being wax potted for a specific time in a combination of paraffin & beeswax.

    Custom Versions

    Although I chose Alnico 5 magnets for my standard replacement Bass VI set I've discussed variations with a good few Bass VI players and do make purely custom versions. If you'd like to chat about a custom designed set with different magnet choices, just get in touch. Also, if you'd like to buy them as a single bridge, middle or neck, just drop me an email and we can work on the best design for you to balance well with your existing setup.

    Available in black, white or aged white covers and with or without the ferrous chrome-plated metal claws attached and wax potted to stop microphonic feedback. The Jaguar Bass VI middle pickup can be reverse wound, reverse polarity RW/RP to create a hum canceling effect in th emiddle position. Comes with Vintage style cloth covered lead wires.


    You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Jaguar Pickups here.