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Timescale is still up at around 35-40 days as each pickup is custom made and I simply work through orders one-by-one.


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Creamery Custom '87 Humbucker Pickup


Creamery Custom '87 Replacement Humbucker Pickup

The Classic, Vintage, Sweet & Rich 'Appetite' Humbucker Sound

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Pole Spacing
Wax Potted
Lead Wire
  • Creamery Custom '87 Handwound Replacement Humbucker Pickup - Specifications

    Magnet: Alnico 2, 3, 4 or 5

    Coil Wire: 42AWG

    Lead Wire: Simple 3-Way or 4way

    Bridge Output: 7.9k

    Neck Output: 7.6k

    Creamery Custom '87 Replacement Humbucker Pickup

    The Classic 'Appetite' Sound

    You can guess the inspiration behind my '87 Humbuckers and although you can order them with different magnets, the custom Alnico 2 set will give you that rich sound, full of warmth with great harmonics. A real creamier humbucker sound when overdriven, rounder, a little softer in the bass response.

    The Alnico 2 magnets and moderate outputs help give a warm, sweeter sound allowing the strings to vibrate that bit more naturally, that bit more freely for great sustain - giving great rounded cleans. The moderate output and custom magnets let the amp & pedals take care of the overdrive - giving you that classic, sweeter humbucker sound synonimous with the inspiration behind it.

    As with all my humbucker pickups, the coils are asymmetrically wound to custom specifications giving more dynamics, clarity & string definition and a richer overall sound. With my '87 Humbucker I experimented with a number of different coil offsets, along with different Alnico 2 magnet specs & sizes to get the final design I was after - It took me a good while but I'm really happy with the final results.

    Available in a selection of covers or open coil bobbins, though go for the reverse Bridge & Neck zebra for that classic look.


    You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Humbucker Pickups here.