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Timescale is still up at around 35-40 days as each pickup is custom made and I simply work through orders one-by-one.


UK: £8.0 - Europe: £17.50 - Rest of World: £21.00

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Classic '75 Starcaster Bass / Tele Wide Range Bass Humbucker


Classic '75 Starcaster Bass / Tele Wide Range Bass Humbucker Set

The classic Telecaster Bass version of Fender's Wide Range Humbucker

Output Spec.
Lead Wire
Wax Potted
  • Pole Magnets: Threaded Alnico 2, Alnco 5 or CuNiFe

    Coil Wire: 42 or 43AWG Plain Enamel

    Lead Wire: Simple 3-Way or 4-Way

    Bridge Output: 11.6k or 24k

    Neck Output: 10.3k or 21k

    The Classic Tele Bass / Starcaster Bass Fender Wide Range Humbucker

    I spent a good while working on these trying to get the design just right, balancing the original with a modern voice - eventually coming up with two options, a brighter, crisper, punchier version and one with more of the original fat, dark mid-range thump. Another direct drop-in replacement for the modern Starcaster Bass / Tele Bass Wide Range Humbucker reissues.

    Based on the classic '70s Fender Bass Design, eight individual threaded rod magnets ( four hidden ) help give a great single coil option when split.

    Indvidual Threaded Alnico or original Spec CuNiFe Magnets

    Choose from stronger, brighter, more attacking sounding Alnico 5 - Slightly warmer, sweeter sounding Alnico 2 or my custom manufactured CuNiFe Magnets which are very similar to Alnico 2 but more vintage correct to the original WRHB design. CuNiFe does carry a higher price as they just cost more for me to have them custom manufactured but after being asked on a weekly basis for the past number of years, I finally gave in and had them manufactured.

    PLEASE NOTE: These pickups are a direct drop-in replacement to fit the modern Tele Bass / Starcaster Bass Wide Range Humbuckers and the output can also be custom to your requirements.

    Available in chrome covers