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  • Creamery Replacement Charlie Christian PAF Size Pickup
  • Creamery Replacement Dark Line Pickup Set - PAF/Humbucker Size

Charlie Christian - Humbucker Size


Charlie Christian - Gibson / PAF / Humbucker Size

Clear, defined, big, round jazzier sound for neck position in a standard humbucker size.

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Clear, defined, big, round jazzier sound.

Wound with much thicker coil wire to a seemingly lower output - don't let that fool you. With strong custom made Alnico 5 magnets the Charlie Christian Humbucker size is a fat, round jazzy sound that keeps clarity & string definition. Its a unique sound that works perfect in the neck position for those wanting vintage, jazzier sounds from a direct drop-in replacement Humbucker neck position pickup.

A single plated steel blade sits at the heart of the design inside a scatterwound coil of much thicker 38awg coil wire, and I experimented with a variety of magnet grades and sizes until finally working on a duo of custom made Alnico 5s to get the sound I was after.

Available in a custom chrome slit groove design cover, the new Dark Line pickups are direct drop-in replacements - I spent a long time getting the design of these just right, putting them aside, coming back to them - a real labour of love.

Made with a seperate ground wire for the cover & baseplate to ensure it will work in-phase with other make bridge pickups

Creamery Custom Handwound Replacement Vintage Classic Charlie Christian PAF Size

Creamery Charlie Christian - Gibson/Humbucker/PAF size

Magnet Custom Alnico 5
Coil Wire 38AWG
Lead Wire Separate ground wire for cover & baseplate
Neck Output 3.4k


You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Humbucker Pickups here.