Jag-90 Jaguar Sized P90 Pickup

Jag-90 Jaguar Sized P90 Pickup

Jag-90 Jaguar Sized P90 Pickup

Fatter, Grittier Jaguar Tones

Cover Colours
Steel Claw
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Jag-90 Jaguar Sized P90 Pickups

Fatter, Grittier Jaguar Pickups with steel claw - Based on the Classic P90 Design

Magnets: Alnico 2 or 5
Coil Wire: 42AWG Plain Enamel
Lead Wire: Vintage Cloth
Jaguar Pickup Output - Bridge: 10.6k
Jaguar Pickup Output - Neck: 9.3k

With its six adjustable pole pieces and dual magnet design, the new Jaguar Sized P90 pickup is great if you're after that fat single coil P90 tone. Due to its design of dual bar magnets and pole screws, the sound is warmer & fatter than a standard Jaguar pickup. In the middle position you'll stil get the classic crunchier sound, just a fatter, more rounded version. Great for a more blusier style of playing. After much prototyping I decided on the thinner 43AWG coil wire for a warmer, grittier sound.

As the geometry of the Jag-90 pickup differs from a standard P90 in terms of width of coil, the sound will be a little brighter but still with the warmth and fatter single coil voice you'd expect from a P90 design. I've designed the P90 Jaguar pickup with custom magnets to let the strings vibrate a little more adding to the warmth in the tone. The adjustable poles allow you to match the your neck radius for better string balance.

I've custom designed the bobbins so the pickups will fit standard Jaguar pickup covers and the Neck Jaguar P90 Pickup can be RW/RP for hum cancelling in the middle position.

NOTE: Available with or without the steel claws. With the claw the sound is warmer, sweeter & more resonant but you do lose some output. Without the claws the sound is brighter, more aggressive & punchy with more promounced output.

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