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Creamery Custom, Handmade Guitars - Made in Manchester

Some people insist guitars must be adorned in glorious, fantastical colours. Others only see sunburst, fiesta red or goldtop. I like guitars that show the wood, warts and all. I'll make guitars from any beautiful or ugly looking wood as long as it has one thing - It has to have 'The Knock', that musical quality when tapped with the back of the knuckles. Whether it has resonance or sustain, whether it has attack or warmth it all starts with 'The Knock'. Each length of wood is different. So if I feel I can make a guitar with it, I will, whether it be an old pine table standing in the corner of a room for 30yrs, a 400yr old slab of oak or a beautiful piece of walnut. Have a look at some of the guitars I've made and let me know what you think.

Handmade Custom Guitars from The Creamery

Custom guitars - Handcrafted here in my workshop, Manchester, UK


Have a look through the site to see some of the custom guitars I make. I try and source interesting and unconventional tonewood often reclaimed or from sustainable sources. The wood I use for my custom guitars, whether traditional tonewood or reclaimed wood has to have that knock, that musical quality when tapped. Some woods sound leaden, with a dull thud when knocked whereas others have a resonance that you just know will make a great custom guitar.

I custom make all my guitars by hand here at my workshop in Chorlton, Manchester.

Creamery Custom Handmade Guitars - Made in Manchester, UK


Your Own Custom Guitar

Get in touch with your specifications and we can talk about woods, scratchplate material, custom pickups etc - Every one of my custom guitars is bespoke & unique. I don't have an off-the-shelf model and where possible, I try and use unique tonewood or great resonant reclaimed wood so you know you're getting a truly individual custom guitar.

Creamery Custom Handmade Guitars - Made in Manchester, UK

The Custom Guitars on the Site

The custom guitars on the site are examples of the kind of guitars I make. Each one is different and I like to chat about specifications with the customer before designing the guitar. Often we'll work out what the customer wants from a custom guitar before I start work.

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