Custom Tapped Tele Bridge

Custom Tapped Tele Bridge

Tapped Tele Bridge Pickup

Dual Output Tele Tapped Bridge - Two for Different Outputs in one Handwound Pickup

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Custom Tapped Tele Bridge Pickup - 2 Tele Bridge Pickups in 1

A custom design Tele tapped bridge with dual outputs - essentially a warmer, higher output Tele Bridge Pickup with the coil 'Tapped' - so the pickup can be used with either a brighter, lower output or switched to the higher output, warmer tone. Use either a simple SPDT or Push/Pull Pot to give you 2 different pickups in 1.

Custom, Handwound Tele Tapped Bridge - Specifications

Magnets: Alnico 2, 3 or 5

Poles: Staggered or Flat

Polarity: South Up

Coil Wire: 42AWG Plain Enamel (41AWG, 43AWG & 44AWG available if required)

Lead Wire: Modern 4-Way

Output: 7.5k & 9.6k

Baseplate: Copper Plated Steel

Flat Pole or Vintage Staggered Version

Available in flat pole version for 9.5" radius necks upwards or the more vintage correct staggered version for 7.25" radius necks.

Classic Bright Tele 'Twang' Plus Warmer, Higher Output Option

I designed the Custom Tapped Tele Bridge with outputs to give you my Classic '64 for those vintage Tele tones & 'Twang' plus a much warmer, higher output version with the two concurrent coils combined for a completely different tone, somewhere between my Vintage 1 (Nocaster) and Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) giving you two Tele Bridge Pickups in one - a real versatile Tele Bridge pickup.

One Handwound Coil - Tapped at a certain point

The Pickup works by having an initial lower output coil wound around the custom rod magnets, this has a 'start' and an 'end' giving you an initial output of around 7.5k for that classic, bright tele 'Twang'. The end of this coil is split allowing it also continue in the same direction for an increased number of windings to create a higher output pickup. The 'Tapped' nature of the pickup means you can 'tap into' the coil to 'end' at this given point for the lower output tone, or use the 'start' & final 'end' of the whole coil to give you the 2nd, much warmer, higher output tone. Modern 4-way wire allows this with my colour codes:

1st Coil (7.5k) is:

Start: Green

End: Black (Black & White wires Combined)

2nd Coil (9.5k) is therefore:

Start: Green

End: Red

With a Separate bare wire to ground the Baseplate.

Custom Tapped Tele Bridge Output

I don't have pickups all boxed up ready to send out, each pickup is custom made so I can make a custom tapped Tele bridge pickup to suit your own needs or specifications and outputs, you can choose different magnet types from the dropdown menu.

You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Telecaster Pickups here.

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