Classic '62 Jaguar Pickup

Classic '62 Jaguar Pickup

Classic, Bright, Jaguar Tone

The early '60s sound

Cover Colours
Steel Claw
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Vintage Replacement Jaguar Pickups

Vintage Jaguar Pickups with steel claw

Based on the early '60s design, here are my modern & vintage Jaguar pickups. Available in 2 versions, a vintage Jaguar Pickup set and a modern hotter version. The Jaguar pickups are scatterwound here in my workshop before being wax potted in a combination of paraffin & beeswax.

Unlike other makers of Jaguar Pickups, my pickup sets can be purchased complete with steel ferrous claws just like the originals. The Jaguar Pickup claw was designed to help cancel out hum while increasing the magnetic field around the pickup - increasing output.

Magnets: Alnico 5
Coil Wire: 42AWG Plain Enamel
Lead Wire: Vintage Cloth
Jaguar Pickup Output - Bridge: 6.4k
Jaguar Pickup Output - Neck: 5.9k

Based on the original Jaguar specs of the early 60s, I've created these Jaguar pickups as a direct replacement for the modern reissues. Vintage tones with great attack & bite in the bridge with a more spankier voice in the neck.

Available in white or aged white covers and with or without the ferrous chrome-plated metal claws attached and wax potted to stop microphonic feedback. The Jaguar neck pickup can be reverse wound, reverse polarity RW/RP to create a hum canceling effect in th emiddle position. Comes with Vintage style cloth covered lead wires.


You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Jaguar Pickups here.

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