Creamery Classic '65 Staple Mini-Humbucker Set

Creamery Classic '65 Staple Mini-Humbucker Set

Creamery Classic Replacement "Staple" '65 Mini-Humbucker Pickup Set

The Classic, Vintage Clean "Staple" Nova-Sonic Twin Coil Mini-Humbucker Sound

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Sorry, the initial run is now Sold Out but I'm having new parts custom manufactured so it will be available soon.

Creamery Handwound Replacement, Classic 511 Nova-Sonic "Staple" Mini-Humbucker Pickup Set - Specifications

Magnet: Alnico 2 or 5

Coil Wire: 43AWG

Lead Wire: Vintage Braided Pushback

Bridge Output: 8.1k

Neck Output: 7.3k

Creamery Classic Handwound Replacement "Staple" Mini-Humbucker Pickup Set

Based on the 1965 Hofner™ 511 Nova-Sonic "Staple" Twin Coil Humbucker Set

A classic mini-humbucker sound that's bright, rich and clear with great harmonics, somewhere between a humbucker & single coil - a fat single-coil, hum-cancelling sound. Crunchier than a standard Mini-Humbucker due to the exposed "Staple" Poles - Making a really unique sound.

Brighter, tighter with more clarity than a standard humbucker yet fatter & crunchier than a single-coil, I make them as a balanced, calibrated set.

With my replacement mini humbuckers, the coils are asymmetrically handwound giving more dynamics, with a richer clarity & string definition. A rich, vintage sound.

The coil wire used in the original 511 Staple Pickups were somewhere between 43AWG & 44AWG (Wire Gauge) so there was a choice of which to use for my own versions. After a number of prototypes using both wire gauges, I finally decided on the ever-so-slightly thicker 43AWG.

Handwound here in my workshop, Manchester.

PLEASE NOTE: My Handwound Classic '65 "Staple" Pickup is a standard Mini-Humbucker size, the original Hofner™ 511 Pickups are slightly wider. I designed these pickups to be a direct drop-in replacement for standard Mini-Humbucker pickups. I do often repair & rewind original, vintage Hofner™ ones, just get in touch.

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