Classic '71 Wide Range Humbucker for Starcaster®

Classic '71 Wide Range Humbucker for Starcaster®

Vintage, True Spec Replacement Wide Range Humbucker Pickup

Custom Made to the original '70s Design, designed especially for the Starcaster® Reissue Guitar

Pole Spacing
Cover Style(s)
Lead Wire
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Replacement Wide Range Humbucker, designed for the Starcaster® Reissue Guitar

Magnets: Threaded Pole or Optional Alnico 2

Coil Wire: 42AWG Plain Enamel

Lead Wire: Vintage Braided or Modern 4-Way

Bridge Output: 9.6k

Neck Output: 8.7k

The vintage Wide Range Humbucker in a Direct Drop-in Starcaster® Replacement

A true replacement for the Wide Range Humbucker reissue pickups found in the modern Starcaster® guitars. Classic fat 'Doubled Up' single coil tones - Great clarity and string definition with a bright warmth. Individual threaded pole magnets charged to around 2/3rds capacity allow you to dial in each string. A warmer mid-range than standard single coils and with a higher output, they're great for breaking up an amp.  With a great fat bridge tone sounding akin to a "doubled-up" Tele and a neck with a warm, sweet brightness. Custom-made nickel-silver baseplate, internal ferrous reflector plate, large size handmade bobbins with medium scatterwound coils of the correct size 42AWG - The Creamery Classic '71 Wide Range Humbucker for Starcaster® is a direct replacement for those modern reissues.

Full Threaded Magnet Options

My vintage take on the original pickups have either 12 threaded magnets or a combination of 6 threaded magnets and 6 x hidden Alnico 2 rod magnets. With the threaded & Alnico 2 rod magnets together the tone is ever so rounder, warmer with a few less highs - Great if you want to take a little 'spank' out of the bridge position.

Calibrated/Balanced Output & Better Pole spacing for Bridge & Neck position

Unlike the originals & reissues, I’ve made the Classic ’71 Wide Range Humbuckers for Starcaster® with a narrower 50mm pole spacing for better string definition in the neck position so the threaded magnets actually line up under the strings. It means I've had to custom manufacture separate covers for the bridge & neck position to reflect the pole spacing but I do think its worth it. To my knowledge, I'm the only one doing this at the moment - Although the original Wide Range Humbuckers are one of my favourite vintage pickups, I've always been disappointed that the neck pole spacing was the same as the bridge despite the strings having a naturally narrower spacing here.

Custom designed Starcaster® Replacement Wide Range Humbuckers

I prototyped a few different versions in my own Starcaster® reissue I bought and found that a slightly lower output spec worked best in the semi-hollow body, with outputs of around 9.6k for the bridge and 8.7k for the neck - a good calibrated set with much better volume balance between bridge & neck pickup as you switch through the positions - with less 'boom' at the neck.

If you'd like my Classic '71 pickup with the vintage slightly higher output, you can find it here.

I don't use 'off the shelf' parts for my Wide Range Humbuckers, all my parts are custom manufactured to my own specifications and I also don't use standard Gibson/Humbucker sized bobbins under the cover and thinner 43AWG wire to achieve the desired output reading. I make my own full-size bobbins, handwound with thicker 42AWG coil wire for that classic sparkle and clear, defined Wide Range Tone.

PLEASE NOTE: These pickups are a direct drop-in replacement to fit the modern reissue & original Starcaster® Wide Range Humbuckers.

Available in Nickel or Chrome covers, Aged Nickel, Aged Chrome & the slightly more Yellowish Bare Nickel that I've had custom made with a slightly higher copper content for more of an 'Aged Gold' look. You can read the blog post & see photos of my Creamery Wide Range Humbucker Pickup Cover Options here

They also come with the correct, shorter mounting screws to make sure they fit into your guitar.

PLEASE NOTE: These pickups are a direct drop-in replacement to fit the modern oversized Starcaster® Wide Range Humbuckers, if you're looking for standard/regular Gibson / PAF sized versions, have a look at my Baby '71 Wide Range Humbuckers - They're made to the same design but in the smaller, regular humbucker size..


You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Wide Range Tele, Thinline & Deluxe Humbucker Pickups here.

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