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The Creamery - Custom Guitars, Handwound Boutique Pickups - Made in Manchester  -  Vintage, Modern, Custom & Alternative Design Pickups - Made in Manchester

Sorry but the order book for guaranteed Christmas 2019 delivery is now full. Every pickup is custom made and due to the volume
of outstanding orders I've had to push the timescale back to early Jan 2020 now for new orders. Sorry about this, just been so busy.

Dirty Northern Town Ltd. Trading as The Creamery, Handwound Pickups - Company No: 8974833

Custom Handwound Replacement Humbucker Sized Filtertron Style Pickups

Creamery Vintage, Modern, Custom & Alternative Gretsch/Filtertron design Pickups - Both Gibson/PAF Humbucker Size & the slightly narrower Gretsch®/Cabronita 'No Ears' Mount

Creamery Custom Handwound Black Cat Replacement Filtertron Style PickupsOne of my favourite pickup designs and a range I spent a long time perfecting. The bright yet powerful & attacking Filtertron® design pickup used in many classic Gretsch guitars in both a standard 'No Ears' mount and a direct drop-in replacement for standard Gibson / PAF Humbucker size pickups - Giving you that sparkle, growl, crunch & attack you only get with the true Filtertron® (internal) design.

A reduced number of offset winds on each coil provide a rich, clear, rockabilly sound - Punch, Crunch & Attack. The stronger Alnico 5 magnets help keep great attack due to their thicker 1/4" height, boosting the output of the lower windings on each coil to balance great 'boom' & punch, volume & clarity, definition and that attacking brightness unique to this design.

A rich, snarly bridge sound with that classic sweet attacking presence in the neck position - Known for pure Rockabilly/Psychobilly sounds, they're actualy a very versatile pickup for those looking for something a little different, a little alternative to traditional humbucker sounds. Don't be fooled by the seemingly lower output, Black Cat Filtertrons can really push.

A real spank & twang and growl to these Creamery replacement Filtertron® design pickups.

Handwound in my workshop here in Manchester - Custom, Handwound Gibson/PAF Humbucker Sized or Gretsch®/La Cabronita size true specification Replacement Filtertron® Design Pickups from The Creamery.

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