Creamery Telecaster Pickup Reviews

Creamery Custom Handwound Replacement Telecaster Pickup Reviews

Its great when I get positive feedback from customers, and good reviews & word-of-mouth really help the custom shop maker so with this in mind, I've created this page of reviews.

All the comments below were either emailed to me or posted to my Twitter or Facebook pages.

Have a read through what others are saying about my Telecaster Pickups and get in touch if you'd like me to custom make some pickups for you. I don't have pickups all boxed up ready to send out, each order is custom made which means I can modify the specifications to suit you, your playing and your guitar.

Sounds AMAZING, its a great guitar and one of the best things about it is your pickups. So clear!

Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) - Classic '71 Wide Range Bridge - Calibrated Custom Tele Neck

Nice job again!

Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol / Little Matador) - Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Bridge - Classic '71 Neck

Hi Jaime, just got them wired in this week. Sound absolutely brilliant, tried them playing live as well some recording, great!

Now it is just a question which guitar should get pickups next!

Pétur Hallgrímsson (John Grant / Sigur Rós / Kylie / Sinead O'Connor) - Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Set

Your pickups are all over this new record - Edwyn Collins is mixing at the moment - the guitar sounds AMAZING!!! We want more pickups... Eric, my lead guitarist, ended up using my Tele because it sounded so great through my old Tremolux. Now he want's some... Think I might want the hotter option in my rosewood Tele too... I almost feel obliged to mention you on the album they're THAT good!! Hope all is well, Joe.

Joe McAlinden - Vintage 2 (Boadcaster) Set

Hi Jaime, Just installed the p90 into my tele. Just managed to tear myself away from it to give yu some feedback. Like all the other pickups you've built me, I love the tone. I love p90's when they're well made and this one certainly is. 90's have a reputation for a raw aggressive sound but they can be beautifully melodic too I believe, especially in the neck position.

This one works really well with the light but very resonant piece of agathis that my tele is made out of, sure it has that raw sound but play the right chords and it has a lovely soft jazzy tone to it and it takes a slide wonderfully well.

I reckon that overwound alnico 3 and the neck p90 are the ultimate slide combo, I gotta really work on those skills to get the best out of it, but p90's are like that. Many thanks again Jaime, will be in touch when the next project comes along

Andrew Osbourne - Tele-90 Neck

Hi Jaime, Just wanted to drop you a quick note as I've finally got round to installing that set of Tele '64s I bought from you a while back. Lovely stuff mate, my Tele now has a wonderfully springy, almost acoustic quality to it. I love it. Cheers man

Tom Janssen - Classic ’64 Tele Set

Had my new pickups fitted a few weeks ago. Having read the reviews I was expecting them to be good.

They are amazing, thank you very much they’ve transformed my tele. I’ll be telling anyone that’ll listen about the brilliant quality your company can provide. Thanks again,

Eric McPhail - Classic ’67 Tele Bridge, Baby ’71 Wide Range Neck (Calibrated Set)

Hi Jaime, Just received the pickups today. Thanks for making them. Sounds great.

Jack Lian - Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Tele Set

When I was back home in Macclesfield in March you fixed me up with a Vintage 2 set for my Tele, wow, just wow! They are just perfect, a fantastic sound and quality Ive not previously experienced.

Martin Watson - Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Set

Hi Jaime, Just a note to say thanks for the pickups and the useful advice you gave me helping me to choose the right ones for me. They do sound fantastic in my ‘72’ Telecaster Thinline – everything I had hoped for, twang, sustain and great value for the price! Cheers,

Richard Collett - ’72 Tele Replacement Set (Vintage 2 Bridge, Classic ’71 Neck)

Jaime The pickups are amazing. The bridge cuts through but maintains the low-mids and the neck pickup is super warm but sounds defined when overdriven and has clean, huge low end for days. I actually cheated the top end of the neck pickup closer to the strings to balance the warmth I was getting from the walnut body. Many Thanks.

Jeffrey Hillman - Classic ’67 Tele Set

I have to give you some feedback on the recent telecaster pickups you made me. I don't know if you can remember but we originally discussed what would sound good fitted to my Parker for versatility. These pick ups were the recommendation and you got it spot on. It was used in my function band this weekend and sounded amazing and worked perfectly throughout on all the genres of music we cover. Thank you.

Neil Stern - Custom Telecaster Set

They're great, really impressive. Nice combination of a sweet singing sound, and some crunch when I dig in with the pick. Still dialling in what sounds best with the amp, but the combo of the HB and single coil works really well. Just what I was hoping for, so many thanks. All the best,

Keith Gray - Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) & Classic ’71 Neck

Just got the tele pickup fitted, very impressed. Just as described, fatter but still plenty of twang, and a little natural reverb or is that my ears?!, great pickup thanks.

Andrew Osbourne - Sonic ’60 Tele Bridge

Hi Jaime, Pickups arrived today. Thank you so much - absolutely wonderful sounds - everything that I asked for / hoped for. The Baby 71 neck is actually better than the original 70's Widerange that I had (and hankered after again) - it's got a tighter bottom end, and is generally more focused as you said it would be, and yet still warm and clear (the original could be a little "wooly" sometimes). The Vintage 2 bridge is somehow twangy, cutting, sparkly and yet warm all at once. (How do you do that?!).The middle is a great combination of both to give a lovely, chiming rhythm tone. Only had the chance to try them through my little Vox practice amp so far - I can't wait to hear them properly through my old valve amp tomorrow. Thanks again, and sorry that I was becoming impatient - these are well worth the wait!

Matt Woodruff - Vintage 2 Tele Bridge - Baby ’71 Neck (Calibrated Set)

Hi Jaime! Just wanted to thank you again for this superb pickups! These are the most balanced,clear and dynamic pickups I ever used in this guitar/AV 52 Tele/This is the fifth set in the guitar that I am trying and I think they will stay forever in it! My search is over! The Extra width neck is pure Strat sound, if not better, and the bridge Classic 64 is absolutely perfect Tele bridge- clear and powerful!

The only negative thing in this situation ,negative mostly for my pocket,hahaha, is that may be I will have to change the pickups in all of my guitars now! Thanks again!

Stoian Pavlov - Classic ’64 Tele Bridge - Extra Width Tele Neck

Hi Jaime, Just a quick one to say thanks for the pickups, they arrived couple of weeks back and I've only just found the time to install them. The bridge pickup is now every bit as good as the other Tele bridge you made me and the Wide Range humbucker is simply amazing, I can't praise it enough. Both pickups now reside in what is easily my favourite guitar! All the best,

Joe Hooper - Custom Bridge & Wide Range Neck set

Hi Jaime, Just put the new tele pickups in last night. Guitar not set up so action about a foot high, but the sound.... Awesome. Will post a review for you. Cheers

Barry Dobson - Classic ’64 Tele Bridge - Extra Width Tele Neck

Hey Jaime - Pickups sound great! Definitely gives me a different palette of sounds compared tomy my previous set up! Thanks again!

Micah McCuistion - Tele-90 Bridge & Neck Set

Hi Jaime, I’m blown away by them!

Boon Gould - Tele-90 Set

Hi Jaime, My Tele is now with its Creamery PU set. I’m really impressed by them. Clean sounds are fantastic and each string and note are well-defined. I didn’t think PUs could sound like that. Really great job.Thank you.

Thierry Phillippe - Vintage 2 Tele Bridge - Classic ’71 Neck

Hi Jaime Sounds awesome!! :-)

Andy lewis - Alt ’88 Tele Bridge

Hi Jaime, Just played the custom Sonic 60 in my parts tele esquire build, with modded Eldred mod.

The pickup sounds great at high volume and even under high gain stays clear and balanced. Chords are so defined and It produces very thick single notes that cut through extremely well.

Your work sounds great and looks amazing. .. The red string option is a really cool! I have attached some pictures for your records, thanks again for everything!

Dom Poon - Sonic ’60 Tele Bridge

I finally got around around to installing a couple of other sets I've bought from you - a 12-pole humbucker set and a tele set (extra width neck and vintage 2 bridge). They're the best I've ever played. I can't stop playing every single combination of them. They seem 'solid as a tank' in how they sound, if that makes any sense. There's something about them that is just 'more' than anything I've ever played.

Looking forward to the next couple of sets landing on my doorstep.

Dennis Guy - Vintage 2 Tele Bridge - Extra Width Tele Neck

Hi Jamie, just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. I just got back from the first practice where I've been able to use the Tele and I'm blown away with the improvement the pickups have made.

The Sonic 60 is scarily good, it's really pokey but so controlled when I pile all the fuzz on. I wouldn't call it precise, rather it's natural and balanced, and the attack is really clean, even through all that fuzz, it's exactly what I'd hoped for and my band-mates were also suitably impressed. The Tele-90 is sweet as can be, the sustain is buttery and long, really beautiful nuanced sounding pickup, especially clean; somehow it makes vibrato sound better than on any of my other guitars - I'm not sure what mojo you infused it with to manage that, but it brings out so much of what (and how) you play. As an aside - I also had a Fender TBX tone control installed at the same time as the pickups, it does it's thing with the Sonic-60, but sounds especially great on the Tele-90, it really opens out in a nice way, especially for more strummed playing, really cool gizmo.

Anyway, my Tele now sounds a million times better than my other guitars so they're gonna gather dust for a while, until I can put another order in with you and I'll be recommending you to all my other guitarist friends.

Thanks again and keep up the amazing work.

Alex Caithness - Sonic '60 Tele Bridge - Tele-90 Neck

Hello Jaime,

I finally installed those pickups you sent me into my rosewood f/board Mex tele, and they sound absolutely superb, to my ears. I have played a couple of gigs, with it/them, this month and it's very noticeable how much 'mellower' and clear my tele sounds.

Phillip Juon - Vintage 1 (Nocaster) Tele Pickup Set

Hi Jamie,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I've had some time to play with the Broadcasters now and I have to say I'm very happy indeed!

The tone was exactly what I was looking for, and a big improvement over the stock PUs that came with my Mexican tele. I would also recommend leaving the neck pickup uncovered to get a really loud crunchy tone! The bridge is excellent too, nice and snappy.

Once again I'm very happy with the results, it's like having a new guitar! I'm thinking about getting a Thinline next year so I will definitely consider The Creamery for a set of wide range humbuckers.

All the best

Fraser Douglas - Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Tele Pickup Set

The pups You have sent me are simply amazing!

It's not only me who's stating this ,but anyone who just played my own built tele I 've used them in.

Unfortunatelly my English command is not good enough to express the real satisfaction offered by Your work's result

Thank You Jamie

Octavian Popovici - Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Tele Bridge & Classic ’71 Wide Range Neck (Calibrated Set)

Received the pickups in great time and they are both installed. No feedback or grounding issues anymore, the sound is crystal. They are great! Really impressed. Annoyingly I have no excuse to buy another guitar now...but in all seriousness thanks mate.

I already have a very jealous brother/band member who is now browsing your hum bucking pages.

I will be recommending you and most definitely buying in the future.

Thanks again!

Doug Jakeman - Tele-90 Bridge & Neck Set

Hi Jaime,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the pickups. The sound is exactly what I was after. The Baby 71 is all the best bits of a humbucker mashed with all the best bits of a single coil. Such clarity and enough power at the same time. The bridge pickup is cutting and nasty (in a good way) without the shrillness that teles can suffer from. Together they make a great clean rhythm tone. I love them and will definitely come to you next time I'm doing a build.

Next Sunday I'm playing at a festival in Portugal. If I get any good pics where you can make out the logo I'll send you them.

All the best

Sam Astley - Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Bridge - Baby '71 Wide Range Neck - Calibrated/Balanced Set

Hey Jaime, I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the pickups you made. The more I play the guitar the more I fall in love with the tone. I get such a great spanky tone from the bridge position. It is more of the Rolling Stones type Tele sound than the country twang which is exactly what I was after. You did a great job

Austin, Mercy Seat Pedals - Classic '64 Tele Set

I installed the Vintage 2 into my Broadcaster clone. That IS it!

That is the early 50's Tele sound I was after.

Sami Saarinen - Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Bridge Pickup

Hi, Jaime.

Just letting you know that I've had the pickups in a couple of weeks now, and am really impressed with the sound - I have quite a high gain amp, and where the original bridge pickup sounded a little drowned out the overwound Sonic '60 sounds just like a Tele should, but with a much thicker sound, and exactly the same twang and clarity as before.

The Wide-Range neck pickup is just infinitely better than the original all the way from the bottom to the top, and I'm shocked at how well the pickups mix, especially in the mids. Thanks a lot

Jack Bradley - Sonic '60 Tele Bridge & Classic '71 Wide Range Humbucker Neck

Hi Jaime. I bought a tele 90 and matching single coil off you a while back. I was pleased with the improvement to my sound, however last week I finally got my tech to remove the tbx tone control and fit a cts pot and vitamin q capacitor. Finally I am hearing my telecaster sounding exactly like it should, it's really quite magic and the pickups are singing with gritty glory. My tech has been won over, so hopefully you'll find some more orders coming in from Notts. Keep doing what you do! All the best.

Nick Jonah Davis - Tele-90 Bridge, Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Tele Neck

I installed the pickups yesterday and I just like to say I'm really very happy with them. They've made a world of difference, the Tele now sounds like it should. The standard pickups on a mexican tele are just woolly compared, there was no real definition, especially in the neck. A P90 sounds lovely and fat as well.

Josh Hutton - Tele-90 Bridge & Calibrated Vintage 1 (Nocaster) Tele neck

Installed the pickups a week ago and did a few recordings and a couple of gigs.

All I can say is that they are awesome. The sound is incredible, easy to find the sweet spot and they match perfectly.

The bridge pickup has "body" and clarity at the same time and the "wide range" neck is... what can I say ? Perfect as a humbucker AND as a single coil. Actually it's the best single coil sound I've heard in a Tele neck !

All in all you 've done a great job Jamie. Thanks so much.

George Simatos - Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Tele Bridge - Baby '71 Wide Range Neck

Hi Jaime,

I've finally completed my Esquire build and I have to say that a side-by-side comparison with my Fender Telecaster '52 Re-Issue through a valve amp was very revealing - the Esquire is so lively with a fantastic tone leaving my '52 trailing in the distance. Thank you for doing such a great job.

Phil Truman - Custom Vintage 2 (Broadcaster) Tele Bridge

Thank you for the Telecaster pick-ups you recently made me, they are class!

Neil Stern - Classic '64 Telecaster Set

Hi Jaime just to let You know that the pick up sounds unbelievable It has been worth It to wait for such a extremely good pick up the guitar has done such a change that has well pass my best expectations. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It has been the first but It won't be the last!

Carme Baro Picher - Vintage Tele Bridge / Classic '71 Wide Range Neck Humbucker

Thanks for the pickup. I compared it to the twisted tele neck in my friends custom shop tele. It sounds very close and gives the strat neck pickup tone in a tele that I was looking for

Extra Width Tele Neck - Matt Forest

I've now had the chance to play with the pick ups a few times with two different bands, one where I use a clean sound, the other is more overdriven rock and I'm well-pleased. Initially the luthier had put in his personal preference of a 0.033 cap and the cleans were just a tad bright, so I swapped it out for a 0.047 and though the difference was small, it gave me the sound I was hoping for; full-bodied, warm cleans and a lovely snarl when overdriven without the harshness of the previous, stock pups. I'm impressed also by the balance between strings. The bottom end is more defined and the top end is no longer strident. With just a bit of tweaking, I can get a lovely, bright twang or a dirty growl without losing any of the definition.

Also, as these are wound hotter than the stock pups, when I switch from my HS Filtertron Gretsch to the Tele I no longer have to mess about with the volume/levels on amp/pedals so it sits in the live mix the same. A quick tweak of the guitar tone/volume knobs and I'm away...

So, thanks for the great workmanship from another satisfied customer.

Paul - Vintage 1 (Nocaster) Tele Bridge | Extra Width tele Neck

I've finally got all the pieces for the guitar I was building around your pickups. I am really happy with the range of sounds I can get from your pickups, real vintage twang on the bridge with a whole range from the neck.

Ian England - Vintage 2 Bridge, Classic '71 Neck balanced set

Finally wired up the Tele today. The pickups are fantastic! I'm very happy. I'm gonna do some pics and clips and start telling everyone how great they are .... Been living with my Creamery Tele pickups for a while now. Best pups I've ever owned. I can't put my guitar down! It doesn't get any better than finding pups that make you want to play more
Ed 'Shed' Mitchell - Guitarist, Total Guitar & Guitar World Magazines

My black "Wilko" Tele, fitted with a great set of (Hot Alnico 5) pickups from The Creamery - Neck pickup might just be the best I've ever heard. Bridge cuts like a knife!
Steve Robinson (Guitar Tech for over 20yrs)

The only thing better than having pickups hand-made, is having pickups hand-made that sound even better than you hoped they would! Dynamic, versatile, remarkable clarity and well made - they truly are fantastic. Thanks!
Ben Butterworth

The Hot Alnico 5 Tele Neck pickup is in! Help ma Boab! Everything I'd hoped for and more. Warm, balanced and just a bit snarly.
Dave MacLeod

Cheers Jaime !!!! Got the new pickup (Hot Tele Bridge) sounds amazing !! Loads off oooomph but still retaining that great "tele" sound...........I love it!
Murray McDowell

"Got the new pickup sounds amazing !! Loads off oooomph but still retaining that great "tele" sound...........i love it! Thanks for everything. I'm spreading the word …. First outside gig with new pup yesterday - it sang! Thanks again Jaime!"
Murray McDowell

Pickups arrived yesterday. They sound great. Thank you. I have another few Telecasters to make so i will come to you again.
Nathan Bowler, Nathans guitar workshop

Just played my first gig with the new vintage tele broadcaster pickup. It sounds AMAZING !! Everything I have ever wanted ! On the bridge pickup with a bit of reverb added was like a step back to the 50s in tone. Even my bass player commented that it was like BB kings tone from his 50s classic recordings. When we rocked it up with a bit of tube screamer it was out and out rock n roll ! I cannot recommend your pickups enough Jaime ! They are everything you describe them as and more. Great Pickups...great service ! I look forward to taking the tele with me on tour in the summer with the blues festivals and club dates we have lined up ! Thanks again for giving me the tone I have dreamed of ! Seriously, the tele sounds amazing..exactly as you described...the vintage bridge sounded full and fat but with plenty of bite. And It really made me play my ass off ! When your tone is there you can just concentrate on playing...I don't think I have ever sounded so good !
Dave Dixon

I received the Alt '88 Tele Pickup Set and stuck them right in. I LOVE THESE PICK UPS! Yes, they scream as expected but I can still pick country without getting itchy. I have been reccomending you to anyone who asks and many who don't. I have to admit that I am not really a "build up" kind of guy. all of my other guitars are dead stock. I've always been a PAF player and most of my guitars are Gibsons, I am a vintage collector. I have a few old strats and a mix of other stuff too, but I have only had one Tele in my life and it is an all stock all original 1952. I've never been completely sold on the delivery I get from Teles. I must say that I am a born again Tele fan and it really is completely due to your pups.
Bryan Kweskin

I got the pickups through and soldered them in. You can add me to the list that these Alt '88 overwound Tele pickups are absolutely awesome. I love em and so does the guy who’s guitar i have custom refurbed. I’ll be recommending your pickups to everyone ... I’ll be in contact again soon to put in an order for some of your Tele wide range pickups I have got my eye on; this time for my own guitar. Cheers again
Tom Parry, Tom Parry Guitars

"I meant to email sooner to let you know the Alnico II Broadcasters are perfect and have a wonderful tone - very bluesy and soulful. You have a winner there - really excellent.
Ian Wilson

"Honestly Jaime, from now on any time I want new pickups I shall definitely come back to The Creamery. I've already got a couple of upgrades in mind, but that might be a little further down the line. Thanks again for all your assistance with this. First class pickups and first class service too!!"
Jason Holt, Spectrum

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