Creamery Jazzmaster Pickup Reviews

Creamery Custom Replacement Humbucker Pickups - Reviews

Its great when I get positive feedback from customers, and good reviews & word-of-mouth really help the custom shop maker so with this in mind, I've created this page of my replacement Jazzmaster Pickup(s) reviews.

All the comments below were either emailed to me or posted to my Twitter or Facebook pages.

Have a read through what others are saying about my replacement Jazzmaster  Pickups and get in touch if you'd like me to custom make some pickups for you. I don't have pickups all boxed up ready to send out, each order is custom made which means I can modify the specifications to suit you, your playing and your guitar.


Hi J, Just fitted the new Jazzmaster pickups tonight. They sound great. Thanks.

Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) - Classic ’58 Set

Hi Jaime, I love your jazzmaster Bridge pickup so much I have just ordered the jazzmaster p-90 set for my other Jazzmaster!!

Darren Smith - Extra Width Jazzmaster Pickup

Hi Jaime, Just to let you know that the Extra Width Jazzmaster pickups are great. They have a warm bluesy sound, yet still retain the characteristics of the Jazzmaster sound and work well with pedals. Thanks very much.

Paul Wilcock - Extra Width Jazzmaster Set

The vintage jazzmaster sets I got from you last time have been great!

Stuart Powell - Classic ’58 Jazzmaster Set

It's been a few months now since I finished my guitar and I wanted to write and let you know That I'm extremely happy with the pickup set you made for me. The marriage between the bridge wide range and the 58 neck is amazing. Very happy! Thank you again!

Brad Bowling - Wide Range for Jazzmaster Bridge - Classic ’58 Jazzmaster Neck

Received it last weekend. Absolute pearler of a pickup, couldn't be any happier with it, it sounds incredible! Thank you so much!

Ian Grant - Wide Range Humbucker for Jazzmaster

Hi Jaime, my Jazzmaster pickups you made me at the beginning of the year sound incredible, the neck sounds so harmonically rich. They will be spending some studio time shortly so will send you a link if you want any sound clips for the site.

Joshua Elleschild - ‘Extra Width’ Jazzmaster Set

Well worth the wait they sound fantastic!

Stef Grindley - Baby ’71 Bridge | Modern ’58 Jazzmaster Neck

I have just installed you wide range humbuckers into a Jazzmaster for a customer. He found the Fender pickups to have too much top-end bight and was looking for a different sound.

Although I have come across your website before this was the first opportunity I have had to install your pickups. I must say that I like these pickups very much. They have a lot of punch and work really well for someone who plays a lot of rhythm and is looking for a sound that cuts through the mix. More P90 than classic humbucker. Hit the strings hard and the pickups respond well and maintain their clarity. Add some gain on the amp and pickups produce a nice gritty, aggressive sound.

David Kennett - Flame Guitars - Wide Range Bridge for Jazzmaster - Classic ’58 Jazzmaster Neck

I wired it in, it sounds great! still haven't tried it with my proper amp but it sounds great in all positions! neck sounds rich and full, bridge sounds nice and crunchy yet clear, tapped bridge sounds akin to a jaguar pickup or tele bridge. I love it!

Patrick Pastor - Wide Range Jazzmaster Bridge / Classic ’58 Neck

Sorry to answer so late… The pickups are now on my Jazzmaster, it's just amazing ! Much spanky than the SD but also much warmer and still clear (kind of "3D" sound), even with 250k pot. I left a message about your work on the bigest french guitar forum. I'll try to make some samples and send it to you. Thanks again!

Fabian Montes - Extra Width Jazzmaster Set

It sounds amazing. Your humbucker allows me to drive the rockerverb a bit further with an amazingly tight low end.

I can now seamlessly go from post rock to stoner rock without even having to change settings on my amp.

Thanks for the amazing work!

Tom Thijs - ’59 Humbucker for Jazzmaster

Hi Jaime,Pickups are mounted, everything is fine! the sound is amazing, really different from the stock pickups, yours sound a little darker (which is good!) I used to hate the bridge pickup (too bright), now i love what you made for me!

Thanks again Jaime for such a tremendous job & your precious help. This is not the last time you hear from me, i will order again for sure! Now I have the mustang pickups to install but i have to order the guitar first!

Many many thank you’s!

A happy customer

Thanks for the amazing work!

Pascal Nguyen - Extra Width Jazzmaster Set

The pickups sound fantastic, it's hard to translate sound in words, but the sound is more bodied, has more definition and is less aggressive, the dynamic is better and the pickups positions are more balanced. A really nice upgrade!

Jerome Champagne - Classic '58 Jazzmaster Set

Sounds awesome. Really jangly, almost like Johnny Marr. Love it mate!

Rhys Jones - Wide Range for Jazzmaster

The Jazzmaster pickups are great, thanks a lot! The tone is much more defined but not harsh, warmer but it never gets boomy + it actually sounds like a Jazzmaster :-)! I think the dynamics have improved as well.

Markus Goranson - Classic '58 Jazzmaster Set

The pickups arrived today (they would have arrived sooner but we have had really heavy snow this week) and I have just finished fitting them. They sound great, so much better than the last set I had fitted. I can't wait to try them at rehearsal next week.

Simon Le Feuvre - Classic '58 Jazzmaster Set

The Modern '58 neck is absolutely perfect

Gareth Roberts - Modern '58 Jazzmaster Set

Thanks for the pickups. I received them yesterday and installed them today. They sound awesome. Compared to my 'Crafted in Japan' ones they sound a lot fuller.

Florian Weinhart - Jazzmaster P90 Pickup Set

Got my JAZZMASTER setup, if there is smth better than your Wide Range for JM, I really want to know!

Dritero Nikqii - Wide Range Set for Jazzmaster

Installed the Widerange for Jazzmaster yesterday in my Elvis Costello signature model. Mighty mighty Pickups! (now I can use bridge and middle position too

Dritero Nikqii - Wide Range Set for Jazzmaster

Played then them most of yesterday, they sound absolutely wonderful, and through all the valve amps in the house!

Thanks for doing such an amazing job once more!

It's a shame I'm running out of guitars to send you!

Dan Melrose - Wide Range Humbucker for Jazzmaster Set

So finally got a few days at home and the pickups are in. I simply could not be happier with the result. The widerange adds a whole new dynamic to the sound without moving too far away from the original Jazzmaster sound, and I really like the warmth of the neck pickup. You were totally right going for the classic '58 for the neck, it suits the guitar perfectly. Besides all this, the pickups look totally badass as well .. :)

So thank you again.

Leifur Bjornson - Wide Range for Jazzmaster Bridge - Classic ’58 Jazzmaster Neck

Jaime---the wide range jazzmasters are freakin awesome---my Jazzmaster is now a Jazzblaster. Would it be possible to do custom covers in Chrome? My pickguard is mint so the white looks awful.

Tom Mahr - Wide Range for Jazzmaster Set

Hi Jaime, I well received the good JM pu thank you. Nice crafted no problem! Once in place on the guitar and adjusted to the sweet spot they sound really cool. The 58 neck is just what i was wishing to ear from my japan JM: warm and full with sweet just enough snappy highs. A real authentic and vintage feel. The extra wide bridge is amazing as it actualy sounds a little darker than the neck! lots of mids make it a growly/kwaky percusiv bridge sound. Goes well with crunch and result to a punchy middle position with the neck together. Really happy with it all, thank you!

Denis Regnault - Extra Width Jazzmaster Bridge - Classic ’58 Neck - Calibrated Set

The (Jazzmaster) pickups are absolutely superb! - Better than anything I've fitted in the past.

Jeff Ball - Classic ’58 Set

I've come to the conclusion that I REALLY like these "Extra Width Jazzmaster" pickups. In the past I had a problem with the trebliness of my Antiquity II's. I like my tone quite dark and they always had a trebly edge that I didn't like, I resorted to fitting a 250K volume pot to try and tame them but I still wasn't satisfied. When I fitted the new pickups I put a 1meg pot back in, I roll the tone down to 4 and that is the sound i've always wanted - warm, full and with just enough treble. I also played my Coopersonic Dirtbox for the first proper time yesterday and the 2 seem to go together really well, i'm very happy. I also found myself using the neck pickup, which in the past I have very rarely done. I found the Antiquity II to be a bit too boomy, the new pickup is smooth and a lovely smooth sound. I highly recommend these pickups, i'm seriously considering a pair of Creamery Humbuckers for my B&B Jazzmaster now - i'm that impressed!

Mark Harman - Extra Width Jazzmaster Set

Received the pickup today – installed it and it sounds wonderful. A lot fuller than the pickup it replaced. Very impressed – doesn’t sound like a brand new pickup (I mean that as praise). Enough bite without being to brittle. Sounds excellent in all configurations – never was a big fan of the sound of both the pickups together until now. Thanks very much.

Neil McNaught - Classic ’58 Neck

I fitted your pickups last night into my J Mascis jazzmaster and all I can say is wow! I was kinda hoping for a modest improvement, but the guitar sounds significantly better. Really I'm gobsmacked. Thanks very much! Once again thanks a lot, money well spent.

Murray McDowell - Classic ’58 Set

Got the new pickup sounds amazing !! Loads off oooomph but still retaining that great "tele" sound...........i love it! Thanks for everything. I'm spreading the word …. First outside gig with new pup yesterday - it sang! Thanks again Jaime!

Gavin Gray - Classic ’58 Set

Gotta say that your pickups really are great and the guitar sounded superb. Just great and I would recommend to anyone.

Terry Clark - Classic ’58 Set

I had a pre CBS Jazzmaster at school, my last attempt using Seymour Duncan Pick-ups to recreate it, was a disaster. Your pick ups are miles better!

David Chesterman - Classic ’58 Set

Hi Jaime, received the Extra Width Jazzmaster Pickups on Thursday, fitted today and exceedingly happy - once again, a very satisfied customer. Many thanks.

Mark West - Extra Width Jazzmaster Set


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