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Its great when I get positive feedback from customers, and good reviews & word-of-mouth really help the custom shop maker so with this in mind, I've created this page of reviews.

All the comments below were either emailed to me or posted to my Twitter or Facebook pages.

Have a read through what others are saying about my replacement Jaguar(Jag)  Pickups and get in touch if you'd like me to custom make some pickups for you. I don't have pickups all boxed up ready to send out, each order is custom made which means I can modify the specifications to suit you, your playing and your guitar.


Soooo good! Crystal clear and pack a punch. Perfect! N x

Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol / Little Matador) - Alt '88 Jag Set

The pick ups. They sound great!!

The presence of the instrument is total in the room. And good punch. And so much less noise. In the 2nd position it's total silence. Can't wait to record with it this weekend.

Thank you so much!

UPDATE: Now I have lived and played and recorded a bit with the new pickups. I have recorded both in my own studio and in studios around Stockholm. And I left the bass at my friend Pär Wiksten's (of the Wannadies) studio because he just would not let it go :) They sound absolutely great. And as soon as the album Pär is currently working on is out I'll send you a link to the songs the pickups are featured on.

Well all in all I'm very happy with the pickups I got from you. Thank you very much.

David Silva - Jaguar Bass VI Set

The Jag-pickups are sounding amaaaaaazing!

Oliver Bees - ’64 Jaguar Set

G'day Jaime, Finally installed the pickups, and, my gosh, you've surpassed yourself!

These are everything I would have wanted the Bareknuckles in my J Marr to be. Unfortunately, I don't mess with signature guitars (for the resale value) otherwise I would have replaced them.

As it stands, I'll likely be selling off the J Marr Jag and keeping the Jag that now has your pickups (and a Mastery bridge.) These clearly have what I have come to view as the Creamery trademark sound: chiming, shimmering and, with gain turned up, attitude, with just enough harmonics to make things interesting. The fact that they look good with the chromed covers doesn't hurt things either.

Sonic ’60 Jaguar Set - Dominique Roussel

Hi, Just thought I'd drop you a line to say that I (finally) got round to fitting the Jag pickups I ordered from you, and they're excellent: turned my Jag into a really useable instrument that sounds great. Big improvement on the stock pickups.


Neil Clasper - ’62 Jag Set

The Alt ’88 has both enough twang and a hell of a lot punch and attack. I Love it! It really brought the guitar back to life. Again I love it.

Truly a new fan!

Micke Karlsson - Alt ’88 Jag

Hi, Finally got the pickups soldered in. Sound great, as per your usual.


Matt Hammond - ’64 Jaguar Set

Hi Jaime, love the Alt 88 pickups I got from you last year, they're great!

Leo Moreton - Alt ’88 Jaguar Pickups

Hi Jaime ,just to say I received my Alt 88 pickups on Friday and installed them in my jag today, They sound fantastic!better than I could have hoped for.

James Bishop - Alt ’88 Jaguar Set

Hiya Jaime, I just got my guitars back a couple of days ago with the new pickups. They're a MASSIVE improvement in every way! Both sets are fuller, louder and more responsive, just a great set of pickups!

Kieran McGee - Jag-90 Set

Hi Jaime, I forgot to send you and email when i received the pickups.

They are absolutely fantastic. I'm running the Jaguar through an Orange OR15 and it sounds great. Really alive!


James Buchanan - Classic ’62 Jaguar Set

I must say the pickups sound fantastic - noticeably more meaty while still retaining that classic jaguar sound (in all positions). I play an early 60s jag but never had the original pickups, so I've been through quite a few different combinations over the years...thanks to you I've finally found the sound I was looking for!

Stuart Mackenzie - Alt '88 Jaguar Pickups

Hi jaime just got my jag back after putting in the creamery's alt 88 in the neck and the creamery's extra width in the bridge with 2 volume controls and a tone capacitor on it and excuse my french but it sounds f@$cking awsome thanks again for your advice and great service now on to the next project.

Extra Width Jaguar Bridge & Alt '88 Jaguar Neck - James Bishop

Thanks Jaime. Every time I pickup my Jag is a rebirth for me since my Alt '88s

Alt '88 Jaguar Set - Thomas Mathos Gossay

Thank you!

These pick ups are fantastic everything i wanted and more. Well worth the money. Will recommend you to others.

Many thanks

Rob Winters - Classic '64 Jaguar Pickup Set

I got the wide rangers into my jazzmaster and the alt 88s into my jag..... WOW!

The jazzmaster sound is much more muscular,a solid resonant bottom and mids with a really creamy chime to the highs,absolutely no icepickiness.. I havent adjusted the pole pieces and cant see why i would. Open chords sound like im playing into a unison effect. Its the Malkmus Pavement sound. Love it!

The alt 88s make my jag sound like I would have expected a fender jaguar to sound, warm, twangy, wet, glassy, chimey. Before I swapped the pickups in my guitars there wasnt to much of a tonal difference between them other than their respective outputs. Now they both have very distinct tonal characteristics. Cant wait to get the broadcasters. Have a good one

Karl Brennan - Classic '71 Wide Range Humbucker Set & Alt '88 Jaguar Set

Hi Jaime,

I've been meaning to e-mail for a while, really just to say how pleased I am with the pickups for my Jaguar. The pickups really have saved this guitar from being left in the corner or worst, sold and never seen again! Currently running through a Fender Blues Deluxe with Fulltone OCD pedal, this guitar now sounds the business - really impressed with the warmth, depth and those subtle 'extra' tones that come through on a sweep. One of my friends has always been sceptical of Jaguars and in particular was never impressed with my one until now - the Creamery Pickups have definitely converted him!

I'm now looking at my stock Gibson SG standard now and the cogs are turning... no doubt I'll be in touch again soon!

Thanks again,

Leigh Nicholson - Extra Width Jag Set

Hi Jaime, The pickup has arrived and is installed !

Great sound , thank you. Very pleased to have dealt with you!


Oli Focant - Extra Width Jag Neck

Hi Jaime, Just installed the Sonics in my Fender Hollowbody Jaguar and they are fantastic! Dynamic & Articulate with wide, sweet harmonics. I was on the verge of selling the guitar because no matter what pickups I put in it, it just never spoke to me. Now it sounds great!

Thank you very much!

Douglas Hodges - Sonic ’60 Jag Set

Hi Jaime, I've been using your alt. 88 Jag pickup now for almost two years, and they are awesome. Since the pickup swap I've been in love with the sonic sounds my Jap Jaguar produces, it's has that mellow growl I've been looking for in my guitar sound. So thanks again for this dream come true.

Lennart Verhaak - Alt ’88 Jag Bridge


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