Creamery Black Cat Pickup Reviews

Creamery Custom Replacement Black Cat Filtertron Design Pickups - Reviews

Its great when I get positive feedback from customers, and good reviews & word-of-mouth really help the custom shop maker so with this in mind, I've created this page of reviews.

All the comments below were either emailed to me or posted to my Twitter or Facebook pages.

Have a read through what others are saying about my replacement Jaguar(Jag)  Pickups and get in touch if you'd like me to custom make some pickups for you. I don't have pickups all boxed up ready to send out, each order is custom made which means I can modify the specifications to suit you, your playing and your guitar.


Hi mate, all good, they sound just a lot more chunky and a lot more tone. Happy camp! Just on tour now, Newcastle tonight. Freezin!

The Courteeners - Custom Black Cat 'No Ears' Set

Just dropped them in. They sound GREAT - loads of jangle, very shiny, just what I was looking for. Very pleased. Thanks again!

Pete Janner - Black Cat Set

Hey Jaime just got the guitar back from the shop, and the pickups so d fantastic! Really great work

Zach Day - Black Cat Set

Hi Jaime, Just installed my Black Cat Classic regular humbucker size filtertron set - love them, really very nice pickups.

Steve Ball - Black Cat Set

Hi Jaime, Got the guitar back a few days ago and it's had some use, so here's my thoughts. It's a completely different animal with the new pickups in! The McCarty's it had in before were very bland, very polite, and the tone control did nothing really. With the upgraded pots the tonal variation is brilliant. I rarely play anything clean, but the cleans are fantastic. The bridge pickup is capable of a real jangly, 60's tone, quite Rickenbacker-ish but not harsh. The sound is toppy, but not all treble. The neck pickup on clean is exactly how I hoped it's be, real depth to the sound. With plenty of reverb it's the Gretsch in a storm drain sound that I love. On the distortion channel the bridge has plenty of snarl, the tone control really comes into it's own so you get a really useable overdriven sound with good separation of notes, almost like a mini humbucker. The neck pickup on distortion is pretty manic...need to play with settings more there!

My mate was playing it last night and really liked the clean settings on both pickups, even getting a good funky sound from the bridge.

I'm, once again, completely delighted with the pickups. The guitar was always so nice to play but so dull to listen to, your Swing-O's have totally changed it's character for the better. I'd recommend this upgrade to anyone who's a bit disappointed with the sound of the PRS SE's. Now I can leave the Les Paul on the rack for a while and rest my shoulder!

Steve Turpin - Black Cat Humbucker Sized Set

The pick ups arrived today and my genius son wired them up for sounds incredible! Ricky-like chime from the bridge Black Cat, lovely open and breathy tones from the neck Domino Pickup and the combined tone is the kind of honking Fender rhythm sound I’ve been looking forever for. It’s an unusual mod, putting these p/us in a semi-acoustic but I’ve always loved playing the Dot but never got on with the low grade humbuckers – I’m not a humbucker kind of guy anyway, so I think – thanks to your wonderful pickups – I’ve finally got my dream guitar! Thanks again

Tim Hooper - Black Cat Bridge - Domino Neck - Calibrated Set

Hi Jaime, just letting you know the f'trons sound superb on my latest hollow body tele, your p'ups really are the biz. Future projects are basses similar to guild B320, I,ve owned and played one since mid seventies and the sound is the best . I'll be in touch for the p'ups, Thanks again

John Lacey - Black Cat Set

Hi J, Received the pickups yesterday and just got them installed ... exactly what I hoped for! Just perfect for my custom-made 335 guitar.

Anssi Hautamäki - Black Cat Humbucker Sized Set

...sounds brilliant, clear as day, lovely & hollow with all the low end I could desire. Very chimey like the Byrds.

Simon D Holmes - Custom Black Cat Humbucker Sized Set

I have just gone from having a good guitar to having a tonemonster! The Black Cat's have transformed my Gretsch 5120. The clarity and sweetness of the top end are fantastic. I’m having huge fun just using volume changes and finger dynamics to get different amounts of drive and attack.

In a word, they are FANTASTIC. I've upgraded humbuckers and single coils before, but I've never had pups make this much dfference before. I now have no envy for any of the good sound samples I have heard online, and this guitar now sounds as good as the filtertron-equipped Gretschs I've played and heard in person. I was a bit nervous departing from the tried and true, but the "Black Cats" have exceeded my best expectations. And my Fender Twin has never sounded as good as in this combination.

Hats off to Mr Jaime Campbell at The Creamery. When I finally get around to playing my other guitars again, I will be looking at his other pickups to make them sing, too.

These sound fantastic! They've brought this guitar to life. I've always loved the playability of this guitar, but like others, felt the Gretschbuckers lacked character and tonal crispness. The new filtertron-style "Black Cats" have surpassed my expectations.

Zane Holton - Black Cat Humbucker Sized Set

I was looking for some cool new pickups for my guitar and I ended with buying The Creamery’s Black Cats, awsome filtertron styled pickups, with the retro “H” cover you expect from this kind of toy, but with a tone that goes further my expectations! These pickups has all the brightness I wanted, a wonderful Setzer-ish twang that turns my 335-styled semi-hollow in a perfect machine for rockabilly, surf, country and all those cool retro “Pulp” tunes that I love. But the good news is that the bottom end of your sound is still there, you finally don’t have to sacrifice the body of your sound to have all that awsome sparkle! But that’s more, just a little turn on your tone knob, and here’s a classic humbucker sound for your rock-blues riffs and licks, but I use them wonderfully even in jazz tunes, giving me a little more attack to get through the mix than standard jazz-boxes, thing that I really appreciate. Yeah, you read it right, no compromises from now on! Anyway, just to dispel any doubt, I wasn’t given any money or something for what you read :D I really like these pickups (actually I payed for those! they have reasonable prices btw, take a look) and Jaime is a really nice guy!

Eva's Gang - Custom Black Cat Humbucker Sized Set

Great sounding pickup! Thank you.

Halobrace - Custom Black Cat Humbucker Sized


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