Creamery Humbucker Pickup Reviews

Creamery Custom Replacement Humbucker Pickups - Reviews

Its great when I get positive feedback from customers, and good reviews & word-of-mouth really help the custom shop maker so with this in mind, I've created this page of reviews.

All the comments below were either emailed to me or posted to my Twitter or Facebook pages.

Have a read through what others are saying about my replacement Humbucker Pickups and get in touch if you'd like me to custom make some pickups for you. I don't have pickups all boxed up ready to send out, each order is custom made which means I can modify the specifications to suit you, your playing and your guitar.


Back home now and gave the pickups a good trial on tour. Verdict fantastic! Improved both my guitars. The humbuckers have bags of tone and character! The old Gibson ones sound cold and neutral in comparison. Totally pleased. You’ve sure done something right and well impressed the band, me and the crew! I’ve been bigging you up to everyone!"

Bernard Sumner (Joy Division / New Order) - Custom '13 Humbucker Set

Shall be breaking it in tonight at the Olympic Stadium Barcelona... I gave it a quick blast during soundcheck through Matts rig and both me and Jason (Matts tech) agreed it sounded pretty damn good…

Loving the sound of the pickup combinations..definitely doing all the things I hoped and more...have a feeling its going to see a lot of use in the studio as well as live...

Morgan Nicholls (Muse) - Custom Hidden 12-Pole Humbucker (Chrome P90 Dogear) Bridge / Sonic '60 Neck

I simply love the pickup. The guitar that I placed the Double-Track into has quickly become my fav guitar (out of 7 of them...) - A gold top Fender Tele, circa '04 (Originally came stock with a pair of DiMarzio Air Notren humbuckers. You've aided me in realizing a tone that is truly unique, that could not come from a standard, or stock Fender. And for this I extend my gratitude, and my respect.

For Now, Sam

Sam Fogarino (Interpol) - Custom 'Double-Track' Humbucker Set

Jaime- Hooked them up today. They are, without a doubt, the clearest sounding pick ups I have ever played. I don't even know if I can describe it. It's like if nothing else affected tone - wood, cables, amps, etc. - if it was just pure sound, that's what these sound like. They are the clearest thing between guitar and amp - bringing out both the sound of the guitar and the sound of the amp.

They're snappy. They ring clear as day with chords, clean and distorted. Tonnes of sustain. They're bright (but that's subjective - there are tone controls on everything - guitar, pedals, amps).

I put them through a few different amps - a 70s Traynor YGM-4 (clean, but Marshall-ish), a boutique Tweed 5e3 clone (AudioFab out of Waterloo, Ontario), and a Vox Nightrain 15.

Great work again! I'm slowly working my way through outfitting all of my guitars with your pickups.

I might have to hit you up for another set of these in the future to see how they sound in a solid body.

Dennis Guy - Humbucker Sized ‘Foil’ Set

Hi Jaime - finally got your pickup fitted to my Tele and what a difference - very responsive - a total change from the original - wonderful in fact - keep up the good work..

Wray Olphert - Baby ’71 Neck

I received the pickup today, and installed it right away. !It sounds great :) Thanks!

Morten Foss - Baby ’71 Neck

I thought I'd let you know that the new pickups are great and just what I was after. Thanks!

Neil Forbes - ’57 Al2 Humbucker Set

I installed the pickups on friday and they sound great. the sound is excellent with plenty of definition.These are just the pickups i was looking for. Thanks again

P90 Sized Fat Humbucker Bridge - Laurent Kinzinger

Guitar back from the shop. First impressions of the pickups is fantastic. Bright and clear and different enough tone from the tele pickups (also awesome btw) which is exactly what I wanted.

Neil Christie - Custom H-S-S Set

Wow! Freaking awesome sound man! Realy good job, I am in love with them

Custom ’57 Blade Humbucker Pickups - Danel Sanchez

Hi Jaime. Finally got the LP back and all i can say is the pickups are amazing.The warmth is everything you said it would be and clear as a bell.I love them.

Boon Gould - ’59 Humbucker Set

They sound fantastic! Hats off to you my friend! Nice work. Some of the best pickups I've ever played! Thanks again.

Boon Gould - ’59 Humbucker SetAlan Briggs - Alnico 8 ‘Dirty Shirt’ Humbucker Set

Hi Jaime, Hope you're fine. Just to tell you the pickup you made for me is exactly what I needed.

The sound is great : definition, attack, etc. My english is not so good so that I can make real technicaĺ comments. You are the best ;-)) Thanks a lot.

Gil Tardy - Double Cream Humbucker

Hi Jaime. Just fitted the pickup. Wow! Very impressed indeed. Fantastic pickup. Very rich sounding and surprisingly warm for a ceramic. When tapped it retains it's fatness unlike a lot of humbuckers which can sound thin and weedy. Works beautifully with the existing neck pickup which is beefy and jazzy, they contrast well when played in tandem.

Sounds great in the of phase position too, both tapped and in humbucker mode, again retaining it's fullness surprisingly well. Great product. Dunno how you do it, but I'm glad you do,

Andrew Osbourne - Classic ’83 Ceramic Bridge

The pickup is stunning, thanks! Very balanced, warm and “creamy”, I would highly recommended it hi-end archtops! jazz, swing also blues. (all sound is there: Jim Hall, Gran Green, Wes etc.). Very articulative and especially rhythmic /comping sound WOW!

Kimmo Raineva - Hollow-Body Humbucker

Hi Jaime, Great pickups , very happy with them.Thank you.

Richard Bialowas - Sonic-Six Set (Humbucker Sized)

Hi Jamie, I'm so impressed by the pickups that you made for me that I want to give you a review of my experience as I'd recommend you to anyone.

I was looking for something warm, sustaining and a bit vintage to replace a set of EMG active humbuckers that I'd outgrown. After some consultation with Jamie (I definitely recommend contacting him so that your purchase can be tailored to what you desire), I settled on a set of Creamery 59s with an alnico 4 magnet in the neck (for clarity and definition) and an alnico 2 in the bridge (for warmth).

I ordered these with the 4- way wiring so that I could coil split both humbuckers with push/pull pots. When the coils are split the neck pickup has the screws active and the bridge has the slugs active, I did this so that the active coil for both humbuckers was towards the neck for warmth.

Both pickups perfectly hit the spot, they do exactly what I wanted and have great articulation. They are great when combined on the middle position of a 3-way switch too. They both sound great split, particularly the neck pickup with it's alnico 4 magnet, with a distinct difference to the full humbucker.

They also react very well to using the volume control, with a tone that varies with it's position. Also a great variety of tones can be found using the tone pot as used a Sprague Orange Drop .047uF capacitor.The price, personalisation, customer service and above all the tone means that I will be coming back to The Creamery for more pickups in the future, before I even consider the big brands.

Thanks again Jamie,

Hello Jaime. The pickups have been installed on my Viking... They put this guitar on a higher level and many great sounds are now avalaible! Thanks for all!

Fabrice Poline - 12-Pole Humbucker Set

Hi Jaime Just got my pickups back from my local shop the other day, they sound beautiful. Everyone thats heard them so far is blown away, I will deffinatly recomend you to anyone looking for new pickups. Once again, thank you.

Daniel Milner - Double Track Humbucker Set (Classic ’83)

Hi Jaime just wired pickups up to 4 push and pull pots gigged them last night they sounded great they are now rocking Spain. Thanks again, kind regards.

Dave Simpson - ’59 Humbucker Set

Just a quick note to say how great my pickups are that you made for me, we had a hiccup to start off with,but you resolved it for me really professionally and it was much appreciated.

They sound awesome,I've never had humbuckers that sound better. I recommend your products whenever possible and it's great to be able to say I'm using British pickups !!!

Keep up the good work !!!

Michael Smith - ’59 Humbucker Set

I have one of your classic 57's with Alnico 3 mags in another Gibson and I love it to bits

David Carss - ’57 Humbucker

I'm replying to let you know that the new p90 humbuckers you made finally got fitted, The Pickups are great!

I had a few issues with the guitar I was installing them into, I wanted to get that fixed at the same time so it took a while to get the guitar back. They sound wonderful, great clarity and Chime but with a nice fuller humbuckers sound which is nice and warm. I had the guitar coil split so I could take full advantage of all the possible sounds available through the pickups, really great!

Martin Macrae - P90 Sized Humbucker Set

I'm thrilled with the P-90 sized humbucker you made for me

Martin Sullivan - P90 Sized Humbucker

Hi Jaime, Just put it in today and it sounds KILLER!!!!

Very articulate and clear, even with heavy overdrive. It can get nasty as hell, but does the clean chime thing very nicely as well.

I'm tempted to rip the HB's out of my SG…

You make an awesome product my friend!!!! Thanks!!!!

Gary Porter - Hum-90 Bridge

Hi Jaime, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for the P90 Sized Fat Humbucker I just received.

I got it as a replacement for a slightly wild p90 that came in the bridge of my baritone, the pickup fitted in the space left by the old pickup perfectly and I now have that lovely tight and focused sound I was after!

Thanks once again and keep up the good work, All the best,

Matt Goss - P90 Sized Fat Humbucker

It sounds amazing. Your humbucker allows me to drive the rockerverb a bit further with an amazingly tight low end. I can now seamlessly go from post rock to stoner rock without even having to change settings on my amp. Thanks for the amazing work!

Tom Thijs - ’59 Humbucker for Jazzmaster

Dear Jaime, I have got my Custom Shop 50s Gold Top back from Charlie Chandler, with the two pick ups you made, installed. They sound better than I imagined possible, the PAF is fantastic and the p90 balances with it beautifully, together they sound great too. I love closely voiced pick ups and this pair are subtly different and switching from neck to bridge or back the change in extremely useful authentic tone is pure magic. Thank you very much, you have created a masterpiece! All the Best David.

David Chesterman - '59 Bridge & calibrated Hum-90 Neck

The sound is amazing, the clarity of the tone is superb and for using it with overdrive, the tone is thicker and still the clarity is there. Usually I use Seymour Duncan, but I can say that Creamery is the best PU that I ever used. Thanks for creating the sound that fits what I'm looking for.

Rommy Stefanus - Creamery '59 Humbucker Set

Just to let you know I got the pickups fitted, eventually, yesterday. I have a full rehearsal tonight, but even with 5 mins at home I can tell that these pups are gems!! They'll be staying in the guitar for sure.

BTW, I had a local guys fit them for me, Robert van der Linde, who was RAVING about your pickups! I don't know of you know him, but he's been a guitar builder in the past (Cadillac Guitars) and he' starting up again, saying he will use your pickups.

Peter Graham - P90 Sized Humbucker Set

Hi jaime just wanted to say I love the pickups you made for my Sheraton, they've really brought it to life. I had them installed along with full set of electronics so I now have a semi-hollow I will keep forever. I'm sure I'll be back for more from you and once again thanks.

Carl O'Connor - ’59 Humbucker Set

I bought a set of P90s from you a couple of months ago, unfortunately my guitar repairman has been quite ill so it has taken a while to get them fitted. They are now fitted. They have transformed the guitar and it sounds mighty! If I upgrade anything else in the future, you'll be my first port of call.

Frank Robinson - Hum-90 Set

I finally got around to hearing the pickups in the context of my band. I had them wired to that I can split the pickups into parallel single coils. The single coil option opens up completely new territory to me, giving me a really glassy, attack sensitive sound, that just inspires whenever a note is picked.

The Creamery '59 sounds fantastic in the neck position. It's very clean, full and well-defined, and has just the right amount of balance between bass, mid and treble.

The Classic '83 is equally full and well-defined. It sounds when running through my Tubescreamer or pushing the amps distortion channel. When playing with the tone knob on the guitar, I can get a really nasal, honky midrange type of sound that'll be really interesting to play around with.

Thanks you very much for delivering a great pair of pickups! Until next time, keep up the good work! :)

Jesper Boggild-Christensen - Classic '83 Bridge - '59 Neck

Everything is installed. Wow, they sound great. Just the tones I was looking for. Played so long the first day I got it back my fingers hurt.

Lee Stites - ’59 Humbucker - '64 Strat Middle & Neck H-S-S Set

The Pickups are great!

Trevor Tarling - Creamery '59 Humbucker Set

Hello Jamie, I just finished with the sessions in Greece. Your pickups are really amazing! So lovely sound! Thank you again for everything Jamie!

Steve Zakopoulos - Creamery '59 Humbucker Set

Put them in yesterday, guitar needed to settle after being stripped down and having a different brand of strings on. Sounded pretty good last night, they sounded superb today.

Most noticeably the dynamics of them, play gently with your fingers and they are totally clean, give t!hem some stick with a thick plectrum and they roar without changing any amp settings.

Very clear sounding, just what I wanted. I can now do clean blues to classic rock just by altering my picking, amazing. For me they are the perfect balance between a Strat single coil and a humbucker.

Nick Smith - Hum-90 Set

Finally had a couple of hours free to actually plug my '06 Les Paul Standard in and try it! Going through a Blackstar HT 20 on the clean channel the bridge pickup is brilliant, very good separation of strings, bright and clear but without the ice-pick sharpness of the stock Burstbucker Pros. On the distortion channel it's perfect, the snarl I wanted is there instantly. The guitar tech who fitted them (Andy Farrell in Kimberley, Notts) was really impressed with the construction and look of the pickups, and said he thought that they have a real high-quality sound to them. He's not given to excessive praise so that's good going. I agree with him, there's something about the pickups that just sounds right. They sound like Gibson pickups should, but don't often nowadays.

The neck pickup on clean is a revelation, and maybe my favourite setting. It has a sort of huge acoustic sound, with real separation and depth to it. My first Gibson, years ago, was a Les Paul Firebrand. At the time I didn't like the smooth, almost plummy sound of the neck pickup, but I've spent the last 20 odd years trying to find it again! There's an almost Gretsch-like quality to the neck pickup which is just brilliant, exactly what I wanted and what to me an LP neck pickup should sound like. It even encouraged me to fingerpick, not something I often do on electric guitars…

The entire process of choosing, ordering and getting your pickups was faultless, your communication and prices were excellent, your website is attractive and well laid out and the pickups have made my LP sound, and look like it really always should have. I'm looking forwards to getting another few hours to explore more!

Steve Turpin - ’59 Humbucker Set

Hi Jaime, VERY NICE! Seriously, exactly what I'd hoped / asked for and then some.

The neck has almost a mini-humbucker chimey / piano type vibe which I LOVE and the bridge, in contrast, has just the right amount of bite and grit when you need that extra edge. Great work and well worth the wait.

Rob Jackson - P90 Size 12-Pole Humbucker Set

Hi Jaime, I have just re-installed the new pups (got the hot and ground mixed up). Only had 5 minutes to run them through the amp but from that 5 minutes I can say they have completed my SG. Your pups match the sound in my head and for that I thank you. I can't wait to get back later to run them through the entire rig and see what sounds I can get.

Mark Davies - Hum-90 Bridge and Domino Neck

Hi Jaime, I received the pickups and got them installed. They sound great! Thanks very much for your work. The guitar tech at the store where I got them installed commented on them when I picked the guitar up, "Those things sound good!" Now the challenge is putting the guitar down! Thanks.

Alejandro Leguizamo - ’59 Humbucker Set

It's John from South Korea. Just wanted to let you know i've been using the Sonic Six's for a while and love them. They actually turned the brightness of my LP Deluxe into an advantage. I'll likely order more from you soon.

John Lee - Sonic-Six Humbucker Sized Set

Hi Jaime, after finally getting the guitar back from my tech and getting to try these pickups out, there's no way in hell I'm sending the extra pickup back! These are fantastic- BOTH of them. Thanks again so much for being willing to make something so out-of-the-ordinary, they are both tremendously chimey and also quite piano-like. I was only looking for a neck pickup because I was perfectly happy with my TV Jones classic plus in the bridge, but this bridge pickup is even better. Many Thanks!

Ryan Salmond - 12-Pole (Adjustable) Humbucker Set

Hi Jaime, just letting you know the f'trons sound superb on my latest hollow body tele, your p'ups really are the biz. Future projects are basses similar to guild B320, I,ve owned and played one since mid seventies and the sound is the best . I'll be in touch for the p'ups, Thanks again

John Lacey - Black Cat Humbucker Set

Jaime, Sorry it’s taken me so long to write. Thanks for building these pickups – they have been a revelation.

They have done exactly what I wanted - to make this Les Paul sound like what it is, a Classic Les Paul. It sounds sweet and balanced in every setting and there’s a lovely singling top end that wasn’t there before. You were right – I haven’t used the coil taps much – I haven’t needed to as there’s enough bite when I need it, especially rolling off the volume a couple of steps which, with the treble bleed, takes me into P90/single coil-ish zone territory tonally easily, when I want it.

Cracking job Jaime and feel free to use these comments the way you want.

Richard Elson - ’59 Humbucker Set

I finally got around around to installing a couple of other sets I've bought from you - a 12-pole humbucker set and a tele set (extra width neck and vintage 2 bridge). They're the best I've ever played. I can't stop playing every single combination of them. They seem 'solid as a tank' in how they sound, if that makes any sense. There's something about them that is just 'more' than anything I've ever played.

Looking forward to the next couple of sets landing on my doorstep.

Dennis Guy - 12-Pole Humbucker Set

Just love my Humbucker set. The band noticed a real difference in tone straight away. So much power & clarity. Thanks!

Andrew Hall

With the new pickups, the sound is less muddy and clearer in the way I wanted them to be. In terms of output, the pickups are pretty much where the stock units were but the sound has improved immensely with more clarity but with no loss of punch or the sound that made me fall in love with my guitar. I'm very happy with them..real difference in tone straight away. So much power & clarity. Thanks!

John Haselden

Every pickup type I have purchased from you has been outstanding value for money and impressed the shit out of me but it has to be said the P90 Humbucker is off the scale man. One word - Awesomeness!

Allan Hutchison

Great pickup set. My Epiphone LP came alive!

John Graham

Great, Jaime. I do like the sound of your Alnico 5

Ed 'Shed' Mitchell, Guitar & Total Guitar Magazines

Wow! Put a Creamery 12 Pole in the Bridge to replace my standard tapped Humbucker. The difference is clear. This pickup sings. A great single coil tone with so much power as a full humbucker. Even with effects, the dynamics are still there.

Jim Edwards

All I can say is thank you for a pair of superb pickups, they are clear, articulate, powerful with lovely sustain and they look great too. I have wired the guitar with both pickups selectable between series and parallel and two choices of tone slope. The Alnico 2/4 combination works extremely well and there is now a very wide selection of available tones. The guitar has never sounded so good, a huge improvement. I hope your business and reputation continue to grow

Grahame Roberts

The pickups were actually for an upgrade to a customer's Epiphone LP so I only played them a bit. I thought the difference was very marked - a lot broader tonal range and very warm yet crystal clear - well named 'classic' actually. The customer is a beginner but he was well impressed with his new sound. I guess you would expect a big difference comparing them with stock Epis but I would recommend them to owners of higher end guitars if that's the sound they want. Your service is good too - thank you.

Martyn Ellison - DoubleStop Guitars

Pickups fitted and they sound fantastic

Peter Aviziurs

My guitar now sounds F'ing amazing. Many thanks for another great pickup!

Gavin Woodcock

The P90 sized Humbuckers sound beautiful! Many thanks

Pete Fletcher

Earthquake again? No! Your Humbucker sized P90 pickup shakes this house, Thanks.

aki4cris from eBay

I put my Dirty Shirt humbuckers into my '77 Les Paul and they are perfect. They have the right amount of bite without being harsh or too aggressive. Effects sound nice and clear and the pickups together sound amazing clean or dirty. Overall, these are probably the best pickups that I have ever had in this Les Paul

Dave Warren

The Humbucker sized P90 has now had a thorough testing and I have to say i'm very impressed! It's done a few gigs so far and I find it's perfect for my Jaguar. Fender should put these in as standard. It's still very much a jaguar sound but has the extra warmth and beef I wanted without having to mess around with different value pots etc. It still retains the clarity across all six strings and matches the neck pup perfectly. I'm pondering about getting a neck one too now but will see. Many thanks for your perseverence and interest in getting it right. I will pass on the good word about you. Thanks again.

Cliff Preene (Silence Rises)

The Hollow-Body Humbucker pickups arrived this morning, half an hour with the soldering iron and my beloved ES175 is revitalised, it sounds fantastic! Thanks for a great service, I'll give it test run tonight at Ronnie Scotts.

Matt McGrory

My band played last night and although your Humbucker sized P90 is in, I am afraid to say, an inexpensive Fender® Jaguar, your pickup gave me the best tone I think I have ever had. My very expensive Custom shop Strat did not get played at all. Thank you!

David Chesterman

New custom humbuckers from Jaime @ The Creamery. It's like my guitar's saying "I'm a Les Paul, what the f*ck are you going to do about it?!" Superb. The tone is incredible. Subtlety, presence, rich harmonics, classic '59 tone. Great great great!

Ben Butterworth

Hi, got the pickups in a few days ago, been giving them a thorough testing. Really great stuff. If this hum-sized P-90 is anything to go by then I'll definitely be ordering a set of full P-90s from you sometime in the near future. All three pickups are exactly what I'd hoped for. I've had pickups from pretty much every other brand out there, including a couple of other handwound ones, but I've never had a set as responsive as this lot. Great stuff, thanks!

Sebastian Matthews

Just a quick email to say a big thank you - had a chance to install the pickups at the weekend and they are even better than I had hoped they'd be and give exactly the sound I was after. Thanks a lot for all your help with this custom order - much appreciated - Ill be in touch the next time I decide to change out some pickups!

Jonathan Wesson


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