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Creamery Custom Replacement Strat / Stratocaster Pickups - Reviews

Its great when I get positive feedback from customers, and good reviews & word-of-mouth really help the custom shop maker so with this in mind, I've created this page of reviews.

All the comments below were either emailed to me or posted to my Twitter or Facebook pages.

Have a read through what others are saying about my replacement Strat / Stratocaster Pickups and get in touch if you'd like me to custom make some pickups for you. I don't have pickups all boxed up ready to send out, each order is custom made which means I can modify the specifications to suit you, your playing and your guitar.


Shall be breaking it in tonight at the Olympic Stadium Barcelona... I gave it a quick blast during soundcheck through Matts rig and both me and Jason (Matts tech) agreed it sounded pretty damn good…

Loving the sound of the pickup combinations..definitely doing all the things I hoped and more...have a feeling its going to see a lot of use in the studio as well as live...

Morgan Nicholls (Muse) - Custom Hidden 12-Pole Humbucker (Chrome P90 Dogear) Bridge / Sonic '60 Neck

Thanks Jamie. Great Bluesier sound. Been using it in the studio.

Freddie Cowan (The Vaccines) - Strat-90 Bridge

Jamie, Absolutely gobsmackingly brilliant!

I would have responded earlier, however, couldn’t find the time to put the guitar down long enough. These ‘Classic 64’s’ are just exactly as the title suggests; both Classic and a carbon copy of that 1964 Stratocaster tone.

Thank you, so very much

Geoff Bell - Classic ’64 Strat Set

Guitar back from the shop. First impressions of the pickups is fantastic. Bright and clear and different enough tone from the tele pickups (also awesome btw) which is exactly what I wanted.

Neil Christie - Custom H-S-S Set

The Extra-Width Bridge pickup sounds fantastic; crystal clear yet without the 'ice-pick' treble of the pick-up I was replacing. I really like the fact it responds to my playing and it comes to life with a bit of overdrive. I wish I'd gone for the full set, perhaps I'll be back for the missing 2 when I can justify it. Thanks very much for making my guitar warmer and clearer.

James Deane, Professional Session Guitarist, Producer & Engineer

Pickups are excellent Jaime, Bridge is crunchy with good amounts of attack and punch, middle pickup has a country twang to it which i like a lot and mixed with the neck makes a very very nice clean sound suited to jazz and blues. Might I add that all 5 selections on the switch sound exellent when distorted and all have very unique elements. Thanks for the pickups they are great value.

Justin Leah - ‘Dirty Shirt’ Bridge Humbucker | Alt ’88 Strat Middle

Hi Jaime My Skinny Scooped Mids are now installed and are sounding amazing! thanks Jaime!! Regards

Christian Caputo - ‘Skinny’ Scooped Mids Strat Set

Still impressed by your Skinny 'Scooped Mids'. The chords in my custom mustang are awesome, clean and defined

Sebastian Cano-Berlanga - Skinny ’Scooped Mids’ set for Mustang

I've just installed my Skinny Scooped Strat Set and it's simply amazing! Every pickup position is extremely pleasing to play in. Especially the second positon. Sounds like a bell from heaven. I'll most definitely buy all my pickups from you in the future. Thanks!

Gustav Bystedt - ‘SKinny’ Scooped Mids Strat Set

Hi Jaime, they've arrived, they're in and they've exceeded every expectation: they're amazing. Thanks so much, exactly what I wanted - you're a very talented chap! Very best wishes,

Jamie Dickinson - Classic ’64 Strat Set

Hi Jaime, The pickups came last week and I fitted them Sunday. They sound fantastic, lovely and bright, and have transformed the guitar! Cheers for the hard work and information.

George Hodgkins - Classic ’69 Strat Set

Jaime Hi I fixed them up in my green and black strat project, Bison style. The Sonic 60s sound fabulous, although took some getting used to, very rich with a smooth but slightly unsettled overdriven sound. Pretty balanced, string to string, too- I love the mids. Bluesy almost in the way firebird pickups can be- through a dimed Silvertone or old Champ, say.

I tried detuning to D# and I liked them better, the harmonics got let loose! I have a feeling in a Jaguar or 24.75" (Burns scale?) fretboard these guys might shine in a way I like even better.

Anyway, just some first impressions- I tend to go for more unhinged raw tones, and I think these are gonna make me happy. Thanks again!

Mark Zepp - Sonic ’60 Strat Set

The extra-width strat set has floored me with its clarity and depth of low end. I was a little apprehensive about Alnico 2 in a strat, for fear of losing bass definition, but the bass is very extended (the clue was in the name) without any muddiness. Using all 3 pickups in parallel is pretty amazing: I can get that thinned-out Prince kind of sound, with amazing pick definition. It's a swamp ash body and one-piece maple neck.

Harry Purser - ‘Extra Width’ Strat Set

Hi Jaime, The pickups sound wonderful, many thanks :)

Krysalan Hawk - Strat-90 Set

Hi Jamie, Just wanted to get in touch and say thanks for the pickups, I had my start back today from having them fitted and I can't believe how good they sound!! Better than i hoped for. Thanks again, I will recommend The Creamery to ever guitarist I know!

Andrew Pimblott - Custom ‘Extra Width’ Strat Set

Hey there! ALL DONE! Pick ups sound great! Thank you so much!

Tobias Hayes - Sonic-Six P90 Set

Hi Jaime, The neck pickup really lends itself to blues/rock tone. Add some drive and it has a thick, clear tone, that breaks up nicely when pushed. I found the Fender stock SCN pickup to be characterless, it needed constant tone control adjustments between songs and styles. This pickup has instant gratification and character, that makes me want to play everything on the neck pickup. Regards!

Tim Redman - 43AWG Strat 'Blues' Neck

I just wanted to say thanks for the pick ups you sent me fairly recently. I only had them installed a couple of weeks ago. After much judicious tweaking of the heights, I have found this guitar to be very very playable now.( It didn't feel so great before ).

It has a beautiful vocal quality and the sound is lovely.Nice and individual. It slots in wonderfully with my other main guitars...a 79 Strat and a USA Legacy G & L.

Plus the pick ups look sweet with the metal roller nut too. Your craftsmanship is fully appreciated.You've brought a fluidity to this guitar that wasn't there before.

Cheers & all the best to you.You don't have to reply.I just wanted you to know that I'm a happy customer.

Harpal Kallah - Sonic '60 Strat Set (Alnico 2)

Well what can I say, somehow you managed to understand what I was looking for. Within seconds I had the sound I was looking for. My experiment has paid off and my 40 quid strat now sounds like a guitar. Superb work!!

Matt J - ‘Extra Width’ Strat Set

Hey Jaime, Just installed the pickup and it's positively gorgeous. I can't believe how great this guitar finally sounds; it's always been a pretty lifeless student Fender. This Bronco absolutely sings with rich harmonics now and has finally learned how to "buck". It does both clean and dirt so beautifully, I am in awe. You are an evil genius my friend. All the best!!!

Gary Porter - Sonic '60 Strat Bridge

Everything is installed. Wow, they sound great. Just the tones I was looking for. Played so long the first day I got it back my fingers hurt.

Lee Stites - ’59 Humbucker, ’64 Strat Middle & Neck H-S-S Set

Dear Jaime, First of all, these pups ROCK!! I love them, they have delivered more than I expected. I really like the no 2 and 4 positions for cleans/dirty cleans, and 1,3 and 5 for higher gain settings.

Pater Sundstrom - Strat-90 Set

I can tell you that they sound magnificent! They really retain the character of an normal single coil, but fatter. In an ideal world I would perhaps want even more of the P90, but the Strat-90s still gives me the "strattyness" a P90 would not. So basically they are something in between a P90 and a strat single coil, and that was just what I was looking for. The 2 and 4 positions sound as the should, but I find that I use the bridge and the neck the most. They have that beefier sound that I would more expect from a P90. I haven't been able to use the bridge before in this guitar with high gain, so I very happy with the sound. I did retain the 250k pots, and I felt that was a good choice, 500k would have been too bright.

Peter Sundstrom - Strat-90 Set

Hi jaime, I got it last thursday, had a couple of rehearsals and i can say i'm really satisfied with it. the sound is sharp, punchy, convex, bright enough and chimey enough, and very responsive to dynamics of strumming

Ante Senjanovic - Strat-90 Set

Hi Jamie, I put the p90 in and it sounds great!

Ray Russell - Strat-90 Bridge

Jaime It's plumbed in now and I just picked it up...sounds literally perfect, you nailed the sound in my head. Thanks so much,

Charlie Grant - Sonic ’60 Neck

Oh my god, your pickups are so clear and powerful. The bass notes are deep and the sustain is incredible. The strat pickups on my 94 are good (Seymour Duncan bridge) but nowhere near yours. Thank you for such a full and clear sounding guitar. Beautiful sound. Really, I am thrilled with them. They are fantastic

Simon Moules

The single coils from the Creamery sound so much more alive and really spur on my playing; from amazing clear bell-like whispering passing notes to tones that could bite the head off an angry Pitbull, the pickups handle it all! My 60’s Classic player Strat sounds so dull in comparison.

Mark Williams

The Strat pickups are exactly what I need ... they show Fender how theirs should sound

Anthony, Moose Guitars

EPIC MATE! they ring out for days - I can't say enough good things. They are so so good. I've never heard a guitar with so much tone. It's the perfect guitar now, the difference between pickups is staggering now!

Allan Hutchison

Nice job. I thought they sounded awesome too - good work. Its good to hear some replacement pickups which aren't just louder. I'll keep sending people your way!

Jack Ellis, Jack's Instrument Services

Got the new pickup sounds amazing !! Loads off oooomph but still retaining that great "tele" sound...........i love it! Thanks for everything. I'm spreading the word …. First outside gig with new pup yesterday - it sang! Thanks again Jaime!

Murray McDowell

I've had a good week to check out how the Classic '64 pickups sound now, and I really like them! I'm fussy too. But these are very detailed and I can hear each note when I play a chord, and complex chords are working very well. The overwinding on the neck pickup has worked out well too, all three pickups sound very even in the guitar. It is ridiculous that USA Strats come with deficient pickups, considering what they cost, but anyway, my guitar is fixed now.

Neil Newton

Awesome mate !!! The reversed middle has a superb sound ... and when i roll the tone back .... WOW !!! Just what i wanted! Cheers again

Murray McDowell

Just had the Classic 64s fitted. Very nice indeed..had some high praise from folk who have heard them

Stuart Russell

Hi Jaime, Just to let you know I have had the pups fitted on my start and that they are absolutely great.

David Parsons

The pickups are fantastic, I am really happy with them! They are so clean and yet powerful, warm and yet with bite, just perfect - thank you.They're SOOOOOOO GOOD!

Lutz E-P

Hi Jaime. Got them installed and they sound sweet - sounded fantastic last night at the gig. Cheers mate.

Gary Whitaker


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