Sonic '60 Mustang Pickup

Sonic '60 Mustang Pickup

Mustang Sized Tri-Sonic® Design Pickups

Based on the design & tone of the old Burns Tri-Sonic® Pickups, my Mustangr Sonic '60s have been created to fit a standard Mustang scratchplate & cavity with no modifications needed. With custom tooled chrome plated covers drawn from thin brass and ferrous steel claws, my Creamery Sonic '60 pickups really do give a rich, versatile, warmer Mustang sound.

Sonic Cover(s)
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Richer Sunds

With handwound coils pressed around the custom magnets and wax potted in a combination of paraffin & beeswax, my new Creamery Sonic '60 Mustang replacement pickups give that richer, musical sound synonimous with the old classic Burns Tri-Sonic® design.

Geometry dictates they won't sound identical to the old 60s classics as the pickups are smaller (standard Strat/Mustang size) and I use my custom made thinner magnets inside the pressed coil, but they do have the richer sound you'd expect.

Strat Sized - Designed to fit a standard Mustang guitar with no modifications needed

Unlike the larger originals, my Sonic '60 pickups have been designed to fit a standard scratchplate & body cavity but with outputs of 7k & 6.3k respectively - created to balance the old vintage sounds with a modern spin they have a richer, warmer, more rounded, musical tone than a standard Mustang pickup set.

With a choice of magnets, you can choose to have a warmer or brighter version. Alnico 2 'holds' the strings a little less, allowing them to vibrate a little more freely giving a perceived slightly warmer, more resonant tone.

Ceramic, being stronger, holds the strings a little more giving a slightly more attacking, slightly brighter, brittle Sound.

Alnico 5 offers a slightly brighter tone than Alnico 2 but a little more rounded than the ceramic option.

Creamery Sonic '60 Pickups - Specifications

Magnet Alnico 2, Alnico 5 or Ceramic
Coil Wire 42AWG
Lead Wire Vintage Cloth
Bridge Output 7.0k
Neck Output 6.3k

True Chrome Plated Strat/Mustang Covers

Wanting these pickups to be something special I've had custom chrome plated Strat/Mustang covers manufactured. These aren't plastic covers, they're very thin brass that I've had chrome plated. I've also designed them with the Tri-Sonic® style oversize holes and more rounded/rolled edge covers.

They do look good.

They'll also be available in my custom design powder coat covers - red, white or black. More rounded than conventional Strat/Mustang covers, they are still direct drop-in replacements for standard Mustang Pickups.



You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Mustang / Duo-Sonic Pickups here.

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