Custom Handwound Replacement Humbucker Sized Filtertron Style Pickups

Creamery Custom Handwound Black Cat Replacement Filtertron Style PickupsBlack Cat - Custom Handwound Filtertron® Style Pickups

Both Gibson/PAF Humbucker Size and the slightly narrower Gretsch®/Cabronita 'No Ears' Mount

One of my favourite pickup designs and one I spent a long time perfecting. The bright yet powerful Filtertron® design pickup used in many classic Gretsch guitars in both a standard 'No Ears' mount and a direct drop-in standard Gibson / PAF Humbucker size pickup for a sparkle, growl & attack you only get with the true Filtertron® design.

A reduced number of offset winds on each coil provide a rich, clear, rockabilly tone. The thicker Alnico 5 magnets help keep great attack due to their 1/4" height, boosting the output of the lower windings on each coil to balance great 'boom' & punch, volume & clarity, definition and that attacking brightness unique to this design. A rich, snarly bridge sound with that classic sweet attacking presence in th neck position.

A real spank & twang to these Filtertron® style pickups.

Handwound in my workshop here in Manchester.

Custom, Handwound Gibson/PAF Humbucker Sized or Gretsch®/La Cabronita size true specification Filtertron® Design Pickups from The Creamery.

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