P90 Jazzmaster Pickup Set

P90 Jazzmaster Pickup Set

True P90 Pickup Set for Jazzmaster

Jazzmaster Sized P90 Pickups - Direct Bridge & Neck Drop-in Replacements

SKU: JazzmasterP90Set
P90 Style
Bridge Magnets
Neck Magnets
Cover Colours
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Magnets: Alnico 2, 4 or 5
Poles: Nickel plated steel slotted Fillister head screws
Coil Wire: 42AWG Plain Enamel
Lead Wire: Vintage Cloth Pushback or Braided
Bridge '53 7.5k
Neck '53 7.1k
Bridge '57 8.3k
Neck '57 7.5k

Black, White or Cream covers

A true P90 pickup for Jazzmasters

A direct replacement for standard Jazzmaster Pickups

Based on my Classic P90 pickups, the Classic '53 has a lower vintage output, less attacking pickup but with a wide dynamic range. This is my brighter P90 similar to those old pickups of the early '50s. Fatter in tone than a single coil. Still with that fat P90 sound, great for warm clean tones part way between a single-coil and humbucker the Classic '53 P90 pickup won't drive an amp as much as my Classic '57 P90. The Alnico 2 being a slightly weaker magnet than the 4 or 5, gives a warmer, more vintage style tone. A great P90 pickup for those jazzier sounds. Alnico 4 is a little clearer than the Alnico 2 but ever so slightly warmer than the Alnico 5. The Alnico 5 magnets give a great bright P90 single-coil attack.

The Classic '57 P90 is higher in output than my Classic '53 giving that large fat P90 full-bodied drive & tone yet still keeping the warmth with real attack, grunt and definition. A great lead P90 sound for a bridge position pickup, sweet warmth in the neck. Single conductor, braided shield lead wire. Available in black or cream P90 pickup covers, dog-ear or soapbar.

For a set I'd reccommend an Alnico 2 in the Bridge & Alnico 4 or 5 in the Neck.

Single conductor, braided shield lead.



You can find more details of my Creamery Custom Shop Handwound Replacement Jazzmaster Pickups here.

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