Repairs & Rewinds

Repairing & Rewinding Pickups

From my Workshop in Manchester

With experience repairing & rewinding many styles of vintage & modern pickups, simply get in touch if you've got a pickup that needs fixing. Often I can repair pickups without the need for a rewind but should one be needed, I'll of course seek your permission before starting.

If your pickup needs repair or a simple rewind, get in touch.


Upgrading, Repairing & Rewinding Guitars & Guitar Pickups (Repairs & Rewinds)

from my workshop here in Manchester, UK

Pickup repairs, pickup rewinds, pickup upgrades & wax-potting services

If your guitar pickups need repairing then there's a good chance I can help. Whether the pickup is suffering from age, corrosion or simple accidental damage there's a pretty good chance I can repair it. Over the years I've repaired everything from vintage Telecaster pickups to old Gibson humbuckers. Each time repairing or rewinding the pickup to original spec and output. Rewinds start at £30 for a single coil and £45 to rewind both coils of a humbucker pickup. Simply get in touch to send me your pickup for repair in my workshop here in Manchester.

Guitar pickup repairs, upgrades & rewinds to original specs

Wherever possible I'll try and repair your pickup to original specs whether that means using vintage correct wire to repair the coil or rewinding the pickup to its original output. Pickups can also be repaired with a higher or lower output with resulting change in tone. If you've a tele bridge that needs a little extra fatness or a vintage voiced humbucker that needs a little more warmth just get in touch.

If your pickup squeals at high-gain and suffers from microphonics it can be wax-potted to seal the coil - just get in touch to discuss the options and different types of wax that can be used. Prices start at £15 per pickup.

Coil-taps or coil-splitting, changes of hookup wire from vintage cloth or vintage braided to modern 4-way, or simply re-winding the pickup to your own spec, just get in touch to discuss the options. All repairs can usually be completed within a few days at very competitive prices

Pickup Upgrades, upgrading stock pickups

If you'd like to upgrade the stock pickups in your guitar for better tone, just get in touch letting me know what kind of sound you're after. I can either suggest a pickup from my line or custom wind you a set specifically to your specifications. Whether it be upgrading those muddy reissue Wide Range Tele Humbuckers or a replacing stock tele or strat pickup pickups that have cheaper ceramic magnets and steel slugs rather than Alnico pole magnets, just contact me and we can chat about the right set of pickups & electrics for your guitar.

Replacement parts for pickup repair

Whether the pickup requires a replacement part or you simply wish to swap magnets, hookup wires or covers get in touch to discuss all the repair options available.

Each job is different but prices can be as low as £30 for a single coil rewind plus potting.

If you require the guitar pickup repair service, just get in touch through the contact form and in most cases I'll get back to you within 24hrs.

Here are a few recent case studies:



I'll be posting more pickup repair case studies soon including rewinding old Hohner Diamond & Staple Pickups, Mandolin, Wide Range Humbuckers and Antiquities.

If your pickup needs repair or a simple rewind, get in touch.

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