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Introducing “This Year’s Model” – Custom Jazzmaster

Introducing “This Year’s Model”, a Jazzmaster guitar from The Creamery

The Creamery Blackguard 2 – Based on a ’72 Custom Tele

The Creamery Custom Telecaster Guitars – Blackguard 2 – Based on a ’72 Custom Tele

Three Pickup Mahogany Telecaster – v.2

The original cream coloured P90 covers are now black and the middle/neck position now wired in series.

The Blackguard Series pt.1 – The First Three

Quick progress update. Here are the first three guitars from the Blackguard series – 6 guitars crafted from 30yr old pine. A jazzmaster style with custom handwound H-cover humbuckers, a Standard telecaster and a Tele Custom style, both with sets of my handwound pickups.

Three Pickup Mahogany Telecaster

Not the best looking guitar in town due to the three pickup configuration and cream P90 covers (which I’m changing to black) but the sounds you can coax from this guitar are just sweet. The heavier gauge strings, coupled with a one piece heavy mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard and fatter sounding P90 pickups rather than tele/strat types give this guitar a real warmth.

The Creamery – Custom Guitar Headstock Design

Just a quick post – Here’s a closeup pic of the headstock design. After playing around with more a few more sharper versions I finally settled on this curved variation on the traditional format.

Each headstock will have the logo, guitar name, serial number and the date on which each guitar was crafted.

Blackguard One – Custom Humbucker Specs.

Humbucker Tech. Specs. Magnets: Alnico 5 Coil Wire: 43AWG Plain Enamel Lead Wire: Vintage Braided Neck Approx. Winds: Pole 4200 / Screw 4915 Neck Output: 6.7k Bridge Approx. Winds: Pole 3718 / Screw 3412 Neck Output: 8.0k Balanced mids, snappy lows and a top-end with room to breath. The Alnico magnet is brighter sounding than […]

Esquire Style Guitar – ‘Dirty Northern Town’

Named after a comment I overheard whilst climbing off the train at Manchester Piccadilly station, as a group of guys climbed on, eager to get back home south.

A tele take on the Les Paul Junior. Whilst waiting for a batch of parts to arrive so I could wind the single P90 needed, the guitar was wired up with an old Gibson P90 I had lying around. Eager to hear a P90 in the bridge position the old Gibson pickup was only ever meant to be temporary measure, especially as this was a neck pickup, the pole spacing too narrow for the wider telecaster bridge.

The Creamery – April 2010

Just got the promo cards back from the printers. It’s all coming together. Recoded most of the soundfiles for both guitars & pickups. Just got to finish off the final versions of the Fuzz and tremolo pedals, record the tones and get them on the site. Completion of the online store is the priority then its time to roll up my sleeves and get back to work – those pickups don’t wind themselves.

The Creamery – Custom Guitar Photo Gallery

Just a quick post to highlight the gallery showcasing some of the handmade guitars. While I’m getting the new site ready to go live you can head to Flickr to see more pics.