The Blackguard Series No.3 – The Plank

Blackguard Three - Built form offcuts - Never let good wood go to waste

Taking inspiration from the phrase, “The Telecaster: The Plank That Made Good” please be upstanding ‘Blackguard Three’. The dry pine was such good wood, with such great tonal characteristics I couldn’t let any go to waste – hence ‘The Plank’ , or the nickname that seems to have stuck, ‘The Mutt’. The obvious choice of guitar to build with these offcuts was a Telecaster style. It just seemed the right thing to do. So here it is in all its ragged glory – Blackguard Three: A telecaster style guitar with handwound pickups and the bite & twang you’d expect.

More pics & soundfiles when the site goes live Start of April 2010.

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  1. Love the concept, love the execution! Old pine – now where did I put my jigsaw?
    Looking fwd to hearing the soundfiles…

  2. Thanks for the comments – I've just hit your link URL. Its great to know there's another parts supplier in the UK. I'll be having a good look through your stocks, especially for stamped steel bridges and tuners.

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