Introducing the Dirty Northern Town – A Tele take on the Les Paul Jnr.

No.003 Dirty Northern Town

Named after a comment I overheard whilst climbing off the train at Manchester Piccadilly station, as a group of guys climbed on, eager to get back home south.

A tele take on the Les Paul Junior. Whilst waiting for a batch of parts to arrive so I could wind the single P90 needed, the guitar was wired up with an old Gibson P90 I had lying around. Eager to hear a P90 in the bridge position the old Gibson pickup was only ever meant to be temporary measure, especially as this was a neck pickup, the pole spacing too narrow for the wider telecaster bridge.

So the guitar was strung whilst waiting for the P90 magnets to arrive – plugged in and played. I never got round to replacing the pickup, it just sounded right. The weaker neck pickup really breaks up when pushed. The bite and snarl warmed up through the mahogany wood.

Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, one-piece mahogany body, custom cut stamped steel telecaster bridge, glove fit P90 rout and custom scratchplate and a single Gibson P90 wired to The Creamery’s own twist on the original Fender electronics with a .0047uf cap where the resistor should sit – this is essentially the same as the ‘Eldred Mod’ giving the out-of-phase or cocked-wah sound in the front position – a guitar to be played loud.

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  1. Gabriel Tasiopoulos

     /  27/04/2012

    I certainly would like to see more pics of that, if you have any!!!

    Best regards, Gabriel.

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