Inside the electric guitar pt.1

Inside a Creamery guitar

More than simply a mere plank of wood with strings, a guitar houses a good number of parts that need to be pieced together. Just for curiosity, here’s what goes into one of my custom guitars and while wiring up a guitar isn’t brain surgery, its not Lego either ;-)

1. Handmade body
2. Handmade neck, headstock & nut
3. Custom scratchplate
4. Stamped steel bridge with brass saddles
5. Handwound Creamery Hot Alnico 5 Tele Bridge Pickup
6. 12 pole Creamery Coil Split Humbucker
7. Steel neck plate with guard and screws
8. Machine heads/Tuners
9. Potentiometers (Pots) 2x250k / 2x500k
10. Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch
11. Capacitors (Caps)
12. Knobs
13. Switchcraft jack socket
14. Electro socket jack cup
15. Vintage cloth covered wire
16. Heavy duty strap pins & felts
17. String ferrules
18. Roller string tree
19. Surgical tubing for pickup adjustment
20. Strings

In part 2 I’ll explain the role each part plays.

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  1. Did Inside the electric guitar pt.2 ever come out?

  2. mickey seymour

     /  16/09/2012

    how much for the whole kit here  -unfinished & posted to australia ?

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